Guns of Glory announces its new DLC, Lost Island with new modes, storyline and gameplay

This new expansion includes “Relic War” and “Treant Invasion” modes and more!

Guns of Glory, an epic free-to-play mobile strategy game created by KingsGroup Studio, has released its most recent and significant expansion with a new DLC titled “Lost Island”, according to FunPlus, one of the biggest independent mobile game publishers in the world.

It comes with a completely new story arc enabling players to experience new immersive. The new DLC thrilling gameplay while setting out on a legendary adventure through the kingdom. To get exciting in-game content, players can now obtain Guns of Glory for free by clicking here and entering the code WELCOMETOLOSTISLAND.

Lost Island brings new modes and exciting gameplay to Guns of Glory

Players will have the opportunity to enlist this legendary group of intrepid explorers as their New Guards after they land on the continent under the mysterious leadership of an adventuress. They can aid players in gaining an advantage on Lost Island thanks to their special abilities. Players must get ready for new games and events, including “Relic War” and “Treant Invasion,” as the Lost Islands make a comeback.

Four stages make up the “Relic War” event: Registration, Preparation, Battle, and Ownership. Players can assault Relic Ruins during the Battle Stage and eliminate the hostile forces there. Alliance Points, which offer benefits to help players progress in the event, determine who owns each Relic Ruin.

Players in “Treant Invasion” must defeat dangers on the Kingdom Map to acquire Treant Scrolls. Then, by starting or joining a Rally, players can summon Treants, which they can then engage in combat with. After the event, alliance members will receive rewards depending on how many Treants they have killed.

The new update brings exciting new events and rewards with an upgraded Mermaid system

There is wealth to be found in the ocean’s depths. Players can access the wealth Diving gameplay in the upgraded “Mermaid” system to look for hidden wealth. Additionally, there are new Mermaids accessible, and players can make their rule stronger by cultivating connections and giving presents.

Guns of Glory Lost Island DLC
Image via FunPlus

Guns of Glory’s new update also brings with it several events, fresh skins, and strong Guards that players can get for nothing. To better assist players on the battlefield, optimized content and practical features have also been introduced.

In a dramatic turn of events, “Lost Island” added to the Guns of Glory legend by having the Iron Mask effectively lead his troops to victory over the notorious Pirate King “Blackbeard” Edward Teach. A horde of Ghost Pirates, who are doomed to endure for all of eternity, have their sights set on the Iron Mask, and trouble is brewing as a result.

Guns of Glory Lost Island DLC
Image via FunPlus

The Ghost Pirates think that Iron Mask’s loot contains potent artifacts that can lift their curse and enable them to rule not only the Lost Island but the entire globe after learning of Blackbeard’s defeat. As soon as they moored their Ghost Ships by the shore on the mainland, the Ghost Pirates immediately began an invasion of Iron Mask’s territory. Fortunately, Iron Mask has teamed up with an enigmatic explorer from the Lost Island to battle the Ghost Pirates.

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