Guns of Glory celebrates 4th anniversary featuring Pirate carnival event


Guns of Glory, the free-to-play epic mobile strategy game developed by FunPlus, and its KingsGroup studio, is celebrating its 4th anniversary with the special Pirate Carnival anniversary event. This special event will be running now through September 19th, 2021 on Android and iOS devices. 

Launched in 2017, Guns of Glory is a mobile strategy game set in an alternate history in Europe. Players have to develop cities, build alliances, and train troops to join forces with the King and protect the realm from the Cardinal’s treachery in a pre-industrial, steampunk stylized immersive world. This game is a global bestseller and has ranked first in the Apple App Store in 65 countries and first on Google Play in 22 countries. 

Experience a wide variety of brand-new events in the Guns of Glory 4th Anniversary

Set in an alternate historical timeline, players will be set in the throes of a battle with The King and his loyal Musketeers, as they aim to overthrow The Cardinal and his sinister schemes in an immersive world with intricate storylines. 

Guns of Glory 4th anniversary
Guns of Glory celebrates its 4th anniversary

To celebrate the wonderful fourth-anniversary milestone, players will get a variety of events including daily quests, PVE events, boss battles, and more. All these events are set to come with incredible in-game rewards as well. Anniversary celebrations have kicked off with the Seaside Fair, Sea Voyage, Sunken Ship, and Pirate Hunt events with additional festivities and special events.

  • Seaside Fair: August 22nd – September 19th. Players will be able to exchange the Pieces of Eight coins earned in the pirate themed Anniversary Events at the Seaside Fair. This will be available for limited-time anniversary items including Castle Skin and Decor as well as both rare and normal items. 
  • Sea Voyage: August 30th – September 6th. Players can acquire Voyage Supplies by gathering resources, killing Threats and rallying Red Guard Camps. These Event Items can be exchanged for powerful rewards in the Sea Voyage including Bravery Badges.
  • Sunken Ship: August 30th – September 5th. Players will be rewarded with great treasure by completing construction of the Sunken Ship. Moreover, they can collect Shipwreck Wood through daily tasks and donate them to the Sunken Ship to increase its level, offering rewards including rare items and Limited Castle Decor as the Sunken Ship unlocks new levels. 
  • Pirate Hunt: August 30th – September 3rd. This is a special pirate PVE event and boss encounter will be available for all players, offering rare items and the Pieces of Eight coins upon completion.
  • Anniversary PVP Buff: September 4th – September 5th and September 18th – September 19th. As a part of this buff, no troops will die during Crown Invasion.
  • Anniversary Special World Boss: Wolf Lord: September 4th – September 18th. The Wolf Lord world boss will join the Pirate Carnival festivities with a new appearance.
  • Puzzle Challenge: September 5th – September 11th. Players have to find puzzle pieces by defeating threats, rallying Red Guard Camps, and gathering resources. Collect the pieces and complete the puzzles to get rewards including rare items and the Pieces of Eight coins. 
  • Battle Tournament Warm-Up Event: September 6th – September 15th. Players will have to get blessing points by completing daily tasks. When enough points have been acquired, players will receive a limited avatar reward.
  • Star Treasures: September 7th – September 12th. Players, by completing daily activities, can collect Crystals that can be used to locate treasures on the world map.
  • Treasure Hunt: September 13th – September 18th. Players will have a chance to receive the Pieces of Eight coins for Seaside Fair by completing daily tasks in this event.

What are your opinions on the 4th anniversary of Guns of Glory? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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