Guns of Glory celebrates Valentine’s Day 2023 with exciting in-game events and rewards

Celebrate the season of love in Guns of Glory!

Guns of Glory, an epic free-to-play mobile strategy game has got several Valentine’s Day 2023 inspired updates, and FunPlus, one of the biggest independent mobile game developers in the world, has announced that it will hold several themed in-game events for a limited period starting today.

Through several events in the game like Sweet Like Roses or Moment of Romance, players can exchange stuff such as skins, rewards, and more. Players who access the free-to-play strategy game will have the opportunity to get their hands on themed material especially created for the exciting season of love.

Guns of Glory is hosting in-game events to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023

Below metioned are the several events that Guns of Glory is hosting in the game to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

  • Sweet Like Roses: In the two-stage event Sweet Like Roses, players must fight threats, mobilize Red Guard camps, amass resources, or buy packs to have a chance at receiving balloon bouquets or flower bouquets. Players can exchange these for gifts at the Love Confession.
  • Timeless Oath: Each quest line has multiple sub-quests. New quest lines will unlock every day in the game. By completing them, players can earn awards and Event Points to gain Stage Rewards.
  • Moment of Romance: By participating in the Timeless Oath event or by purchasing packs, players can gain Romantic Roses. They can then use them to raise their Event Points and Event Level and unlock Stage Rewards.

What are your opinions as the Guns of Glory is celebrating Valentine’s Day 2023? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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