Guns Up! Mobile is now globally available on Android and iOS

Feel the thrill of battle at your fingertips!

NHN Bigfoot has announced their latest mobile strategy game, Guns Up! Mobile is now available for download on Android and iOS globally after the initial availability in selected regions. Guns Up! Mobile, NHN BIGFOOT’s first release of the year, is a new mobile edition of the  Guns Up! game title, which was initially released for PlayStation and PC. Valkyrie Entertainment, LLC is in charge of development for Guns Up! Mobile, while NHN BIGFOOT Corp. is in charge of publishing.

Build and get to defend your base in Guns Up! Mobile

Guns Up! Mobile is a mobile strategy game in which the player controls an army that is preparing to attack the opponent’s base in order to gain victory and resources. The player can scout their opponent’s base at the start of a round and then tactically deploy troops and equipment to lay siege.

If the attack succeeds, some of the opponent’s resources will be looted, and awards will be distributed, which can be utilized to improve one’s army and base defenses.

Guns Up! Mobile base building
Base building (Image via NHN Corp)

Furthermore, Guns Up! Mobile enhances and enriches the fundamental aspects of the original game while also adding new PvE content such as fighting swarms of zombies, escaping from prison, and defending the base against enormous amounts of invading NPC warriors.

Play anywhere and anytime with a short gameplay time

The game is designed to be played on a wide range of modern mobile devices, with gameplay times as short as 5 minutes, allowing players to participate in thrilling combat whenever and wherever they want. Graphics and sound aspects were given a lot of attention during production, as they assist to create immersion and convey the thrill of modern fights into your hands.

The game allows players to freely set up a strategy that best suits them and deploy an unstoppable attack army or construct an impenetrable defense line by giving a configurable environment.

NHN BIGFOOT’s CEO Sang-Ho Kim announces, “Guns Up!™, which has been loved by PC and PlayStation fans for so long, has returned to gamers as a great new mobile experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. We hope that Guns Up! Mobile will be known and loved as a game that brings loads of joy and thrill to gamers around the world.” The game is now available for mobile devices and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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