Happy Clinic brings its latest update featuring American influencer Brent Rivera

Happy Clinic’s latest update featuring influencer Brent Rivera is just what the doctor ordered!

Nordcurrent, a games publisher and developer has announced a new update for Happy Clinic, one of its most liked mobile games. Over five million people have already downloaded the free-to-play management game with a hospital theme. The most recent update in Happy Clinic is bringing influencer Brent Rivera as an in-game character.

In the free-to-play mobile game Happy Clinic, players may run their whimsical hospitals all over the world, from London to Tokyo, Oslo to San Francisco. To improve their reputation and advance their hospital, players must identify and treat a variety of illnesses, oversee hospital resources, and maintain patient satisfaction. Brent Rivera’s addition to the patient cast has made the game more thrilling and enjoyable than ever.

Brent Rivera joins the cast of patients in Happy Clinic, bringing more excitement and fun

Brent Rivera, a native of California, launched his YouTube channel in 2009. He has already racked up over 5 billion views. Along with the now-defunct Vine, he has developed a devoted fan base on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other platforms. His love of creativity has grown to include acting, modeling, podcasting, and the realm of games as the next frontier.

Happy Clinic Brent Rivera update
Image via Nordcurrent

Brent makes his video game debut in Happy Clinic, where he plays a patient version of himself. Fans will be ecstatic to see him show up in Happy Clinic. They’ll be even happier when they learn about the fantastic enhancements and incentives available as a result of finding him. For added suspense, Brent’s character will occasionally appear while the game is being played.

“I’m ecstatic to work for Happy Clinic! This fantastic game teaches players how to manage hospitals, care for patients all across the world, and assemble medical specialists. I can’t wait to introduce my audience to my virtual persona. In the game, they’ll be able to engage with me and provide me with various therapies. I’m also quite interested in seeing the many societies and healthcare emirates that my supporters will establish.”

Brent Rivera

Nordcurrent commented, “The partnership was made even more exciting by Brent and his team’s experience, inventiveness, work ethic, and comprehension of our demands. We are sure that the gamers at Happy Clinic will have a fantastic time as a result of this relationship, and we can’t wait to witness their reactions.”

The Happy Clinic update featuring Brent Rivera is available now on both iOS and Android via App Store and Google Play. Players can also check out Brent’s YouTube channel for exclusive content!

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