Hay Day Spring Update 2023 to arrive with a new UI, animals, decorations, and more

Time for a healthy update!

The Hay Day Spring Update 2023 arrives with a bang! The popular casual game by Supercell has now been updated the game with a new UI, in addition to adding new animals, decorations, and more to the game. We will discuss what are the updates that are coming to the game this spring.

Hay Day Spring Update 2023 Overview

A new UI will be updated

The biggest feature in the update coming is the new User Interface. The UI is more modernized compared to the previous one, with more vibrant in the color with respect to the buttons. The options will be changed a bit, but the posting will be remaining almost the same. Farm layouts can be viewed and updated easily.

Hay Day UI
Image via Supercell

Players can see changes in the Farm Pass menu, which has been made smoother and easy to access. The Inbox separation with news, videos, and community with the transitions being smoother than before. So, undoubtedly this is something that was needed, and the new update will not disappoint regarding this.

New Animals and Decorations

Hay Day’s Spring Update will be including new birds and land animals, which have arrived with more decorations on offer. The diversity of your land will enrich with these on the move. Players can welcome the following birds and animals to the family.

Image via Supercell

New animals are mentioned below.

  • Pelicans – Two different ones. Dalmatian Pelican and Brown Pelican. Stays at the Bird House animal home.
  • Meerkat – Two different types. Brown Meerkat and Red Meerkat. Place Habitats for the Meercats, which can be done via the animal house.

The decorations that are coming are as follows.

  • Grassy Rock
  • Chinese Lantern Flowers

More are being added with the themes, which this time is a Derby Race and Postman. They have added the basics for a derby horse race as decorations, like a Jockey, Stand, etc. These decorations include Starting Gates, Derby Horseshoe Fence, Jockey’s Corner, Derby Racewinners, Derby Horsecare, and Derby Grandstand. The Postman Deco includes a Clothes Dryer and Festive Stand.

New Land and Trees

The update also makes way for new trees and land, with 31 new plots that the players can experience. This allows the players to plant more, and expanding becomes simply easy.

Hay Day tree
Image via Supercell

The trees with the land additions that are coming are as follows:

  • Pomegranate Tree
  • Weeping Willow Tree
  • Small Weeping Willow Tree
  • Weeping Cherry Tree
  • Small Blue Spruce
  • Large Blue Spruce
  • Large Blue Spruce
  • Angel Trumpet Tree

Crafts Corner and Temple Ruins are added as land decorations. The players can expand their farm vastly, with the options given as well. Hence, adding these trees has never been this easy.

Daily Rewards

New Daily rewards are part of the game. Some free coins don’t do any harm, right? So this will be introduced in the game after the update, where a generous rewarding system will allow players to grow faster and progress.

Waffle Makers

Two brand new machines are coming, with the Waffle Makers arriving at the game so that the players can cook Plain and Berry Waffles. The cost and the waiting time for cooking can be seen from the waffle maker and can speed up items with the help of watching ads.

Easter Event and the Egg Maker

An exclusive event will be running from April 3rd to 17th, named the Easter Event. This event will be bringing a time-limited production building for the farm with the Egg Maker. With this, players can produce gift items to send off on boats exclusive to this holiday event, which will be removed once the event is over.

Hay Day egg maker
Image via Supercell

The following egg types will be made available:

  • Indigo Egg
  • Royal Egg
  • Cherry Egg
  • Peacock Egg

That’s all for the Hay Day Spring 2023 Update! The bug fixes and other small updates will also be coming with the update, so stay tuned!

Are you excited about the Hay Day Spring 2023 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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