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Hero Summoner – Free Idle Game is now on Google Play Early Access

Hero Summoner – Free Idle Game is released on Google Play now as an early access game from July 10th. The story of the Hero Summoner – Free Idle Game is about the attempt to save the universe in the Ragnarok. God saw the doom fate of the universe, then he built the Valhalla to recruited countless souls of brave warriors, to fight in the Ragnarok.

Some features of Hero Summoner – Free Idle Game

This an idle and strategy based RPG which has the following features:

Heroes Collection & Easy Cultivation

There are more than 200+ Heroes, 6 camps, and 4 careers in the game and different camps have restrictions on each other. You will never get bored with a large number of heroes. All of the heroes have their special skills, up to 4 skills. The hero amount in the game is more than many other hero collection games.

If you are a player of this type of hero collection games, you may know that the cultivation is not easy. In Hero Summoner, every resource will not be wasted since the decomposition will return all of your resources.

Hero Summoner - Free Idle Game early access hero collection
Heroes & Collection

Strategic Battle & line-up design

As the game has so many heroes and skills with different camps and careers, you can generate unlimited line-ups and strategies. There are many adventures and dungeons in the game, try to use your hero to pass them. The rewards are high!

Global Arena Battle, Defense or Attack

You will never play alone. The game has many interactions with global players. You can attack other players’ defense or set your defense with your heroes.

Idle and AFK System

The game is an idle game. You can find out the below features in the game: Idle auto-fighting mode, AFK mode, and offline benefit system. When you passed a stage, your hero will fight automatically for you, even when you are offline! You can also collect the offline benefit. The game really takes care of the players.

Social & Guild System

The game is an online game, you can talk in the world channel and add friends. You can also create or join a guild.

Hero Summoner Gameplay

Publishers Loongcheer Game released a gameplay trailer for the upcoming game, giving us a snippet into how the game will look like.

The game is currently available as early access on Google Play Store for Android, and the iOS version is coming soon as well.

To keep yourself updated and know more information about the upcoming game, you can join their Facebook fans page or their Discord server.

What are your thoughts on Hero Summoner – Free Idle Game being available on Google Play Early Access? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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