Hilarious Clash of Clans promotional ads leave the community in splits, Game Lead responds

Are the makers losing the plot with these ads?

Promotional or sponsored advertisements are an important aspect of any strategy for expanding your reach beyond what you now have. There is no doubt that most corporations employ these adverts on various platforms to increase game engagement, and this is not a terrible practice. However, there are numerous false advertisements swarming in, tricking the player into assuming that the game is what is represented in the adverts when it is not. Supercell’s popular title Clash of Clans recently began this practice of promotional ads, some of which are completely ludicrous.

Clash of Clans promotional ads are amusing but misleading, and the community is not impressed

Clash of Clans did not have any kind of misleading adverts over the years, but maybe the recent trend has changed things. Starting this year, these have been frequently appearing on most social media platforms, especially Instagram, and somewhat look very different from what the game actually gives you.

In one of the highly upvoted posts that surfaced recently on the r/ClashOfClans, a sponsored video was hilariously bad that players had to rethink whether the game changed for good. The ad had skeletons spawning from the outside of the base and taking down walls, Wizard Tower, and other buildings with ease with a Giant Skeleton spawning and ending the base for good.

Another user compiled a list of the sponsored commercials that were particularly bad, especially showing quick upgrades with just a click. Many players claimed that the advertising was getting worse and worse as they discovered new ones, and they wanted this to be clarified.

Game Lead Stuart responds to the community’s concerns about the ads

The community’s concerns piqued the interest of Supercell’s official team, who are also active on Reddit. Clash of Clans Game Lead Stuart responded to a post that once again revealed a strange promotional ad that made no sense because it didn’t exist in the game.

Clash of Clans response on advertisements
Image via Reddit

Stuart justifies that the adverts which are on Reddit are undoubtedly the oddest ones from the lot. He also expresses that the ads are attempting to distill a portion of the Clash experience in an attention-grabbing manner. Finally, he adds that these advertisements are purely promotional and that no modifications will be made to the game as a result of them.

There might not be more false advertisements from their side, but there is no harm in attracting users this way if they feel like so. The game still has the elements given in the sponsored ads, but they feel out of place because of the way these ads are designed.

What are your opinions on the Clash of Clans promotional ads? Do you feel they are very misleading? Let us know in the comment section below!

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