Homa Games teams up with Sorare to bring NFT-based mobile games

Homa Games is building on Sorare's blockchain infrastructure to bring the legendary NFT cards to life on mobile games

In February 2022, Homa Games, the world’s top platform for producing and publishing mobile games, will hold the 4th edition of the Homajam series, which will be dedicated to collectible Legend Cards of Sorare and the goal of bringing non-fungible tokens (NFT) closer to the mobile gaming market. NFTs have exploded in popularity in the last year, but they are still a relatively unknown category among mobile games. Homa Games Sorare partnership will promote NFTs in the gaming sector.

Non-fungible tokens are one of the blockchain industry’s fastest-growing segments. NFTs are cryptographically distinct tokens tied to digital information with proof of ownership. They’re employed in a variety of ways, including artwork, digital treasures, utilities, and video game things. Sorare is developing a single product that incorporates football, NFTs, and games with this technology. Players can buy NFT trading cards that represent football players and utilize them in a bi-weekly fantasy game on Sorare’s platform.

Homa Games will hold the 4th HOMAJAM in collab with Sorare

For prior game jams, Homa Games has partnered with industry players such as Nerf (Hasbro), Facebook Audience Network, and GameAnalytics since its debut event in September 2020. The partnership with Sorare in this new version will unlock the potential of NFTs in mobile gaming.

Participants in the Jam will be allowed to use their collecting Legend Cards as gaming characters and will be challenged to find the most entertaining way to do so in order to win one of three Sorare card packs. The game that meets the required metrics will be awarded the Grand Prix, which includes 1 Unique, 2 Super Rare, 4 Rare, and 20 Limited cards (the total worth of all cards > $7000) as well as publishing chances with Homa Games.

Three additional prizes, consisting of packs of 1 Super Rare, 2 Rare, and 10 Limited Cards (total average value of each package >$ 1500) for each winner, are guaranteed for entries displaying the top CPI, playtime, and retention metrics. Each jam subscriber will also receive a special surprise.

As in previous HomaJams, Homa Games welcomes both novice and experienced game creators. Daniel Nathan, CEO, and co-founder of Homa Games added,

Video games have been a fertile industry for tech innovation for decades now, and we believe that NFTs open new possibilities when it comes to gameplay, community building on mobile devices. Homa’s mission is to serve the gaming developers, and by partnering with Sorare on NFTs adoption we’re adding one other block to their toolkit,

daniel nathan, ceo and co-founder homa games

Nicolas Julia, CEO and co-founder of Sorare, added that “The future of NFT gaming is mobile and is interoperable. We’re proud to explore this further with Homa Games’ great community of mobile game creators to innovate in the mobile adoption of NFTs”.

Interested players can register for the much-awaited HOMAJAM now

On February 4th, the opening ceremony will take place, and competitors will have a month to build their prototypes before submitting them on March 4th. Participants will get the opportunity to attend masterclasses from professionals in the mobile and blockchain industries, receive ongoing assistance, and have access to exclusive developing materials and tools to help them leverage their game throughout the month. Registrations are now open until February 4th. To register and access the full agenda and prize categories, visit HOMAJAM v4’s official webpage.

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