Homerun Clash introduces the 12th Stadium “Eagles Park” in its latest update

Huge volume of content such as a new artifact and equipment added

The mobile game company HAEGIN has unveiled an upcoming content update for their mobile sports arcade game, Homerun Clash. This update introduces players to a fresh stadium called “Eagles Park” and introduces a new character to the game.

Eagles Park unleashes thrills with innovative debuff skills in Homerun Clash

Eagles Park stands as the 12th stadium to make its debut in Homerun Clash, and to gain access to it, players must amass a total of 7,604 Trophies. This stadium draws its inspiration from the majestic eagles that gracefully navigate the skies. Eagles Park introduces a pair of innovative debuff skills that are poised to test players in distinctive ways.

Homerun Clash eagles park
Image via HAEGIN

The first of these is the Bomber Ball, a ball that detonates upon impact when a player executes a Critical hit. On the other hand, Decalcomania inverts the batting aim and the ball’s hit detection vertically. These new skills will demand swift and strategic thinking from players as they grapple with the sudden twists and turns that promise a more dynamic gameplay experience.

Homerun Clash brings new items, characters, and more with the latest update

In this update, six new items have been introduced specifically designed to counteract the effects of the two new debuff skills. Additionally, a new Normal artifact called Bald Eagle has been included to enhance Cycling points and penetrate through additional point defense skills.

But that’s not all. One of the major highlights of this update is the introduction of the stunning Legendary batter known as Merry Gold, which specializes in achieving precise hits. Her exclusive skill, Beauty Shot, grants an additional 300 points when she successfully lands an accurate hit on areas that are more challenging to target than Critical hit areas.

Homerun Clash Merry Gold
Image via HAEGIN

Furthermore, the Adventure Mode has expanded its array of challenges with the inclusion of Chapter 12. Several enhancements have also been implemented across various existing features, including improvements to the Main Lobby user interface, the 1vs1 Reward Chest, Bingo, Homerun Board, Buff events, and more.

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