Honkai Impact 3rd announced its online concert Forest Capriccio to be held on July 29, 2023

Dance in the fairy tale to compose fantastic melodies together!

The Honkai Impact 3rd team announced that the world debut of its online concert Forest Capriccio will take place on July 29. The grand show, which is powered by both VP (virtual production) technology and xR (Extended Reality), creates a wonderland in the middle of a forest while deftly fusing a wide variety of music—including symphony, electronic music, and folk music—into fantastic melodies that can bring back all the emotional memories.

Mika Kobayashi, Hanser, Yellow Zero, Sa Dingding, Axis Neptune, and the Chongqing Grand Theatre Children’s Philharmonic Choir are just a few of the impressive list of celebrity guest performers. The entire Online Concert Forest Capriccio will be a visual and auditory feast!

Forest Capriccio will provide a detail-oriented, vivid and dreamy immersive virtual experience

This time, the team’s non-stop quest for excellence drives them to create an immersive virtual experience that is meticulous, colorful, and dreamlike for all audiences. In Seele’s imagination, the concert takes place in a pure and innocent wonderland, with her notebook acting as the doorway. During lingering songs, captains might reflect on the distinctive and unique characters.

The group accepts the challenge of using the VP and xR technology, which mixes real-world stage sets with digital production tools like augmented reality, CGI, and game-engine technologies. The dimensional wall will collapse when the line between the physical and virtual worlds becomes more hazy, allowing Honkai Impact 3rd’s realm to grow into an infinite reality.

Honkai Impact 3rd Forest Capriccio concert will stream on YouTube, TikTok and offline in LA

The Honkai Impact 3rd Online Concert Forest Capriccio will have its international debut via YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, and other platforms on July 29 at 20:00 (UTC+8). The concert will be broadcast live in addition to being broadcast in theatres for the first time!

Honkai Impact 3rd Forest Capriccio
Image via HoYoverse

The locations, which offer unparalleled experiences with astounding audiovisual effects and potent emotional resonance, are spread out over the globe in both indoor and outdoor settings. Additionally, it will be a wonderful opportunity for Captains to get together, celebrate, and enjoy the joyous occasion.

Notably, the Los Angeles venue is near the Santa Monica Beach Pier, where guests may enjoy the audio-visual feast while taking in the cooling summer breeze from the Pacific and dipping their toes into the expansive stretch of fine and velvety sand. Live music performances will also be featured to improve the ambiance. The passion will travel across continents from North America to Europe and from East Asia to Southeast Asia!

Every fairy tale becomes more beautiful when it is passed on to the next generation, just as every star shines brighter for the eyes of the night sky. The emotions don’t disappear over time; instead, they keep shining with fresh energy and significance. Take a deep dive into the immersive wonderland, and listen to every brave Valkyrie story!

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