Honkai Impact 3rd announces the release of Version Kiana on February 16 as the ending of Volume 1

Witness the zenith of Kiana and Mei's growth on February 16!

The Honkai Impact 3rd team has announced today that the action title will release Version Kiana on February 16 and the first volume of the Honkai Impact 3rd main story will come to an end. At the same time, Captains will also have the opportunity to meet Kiana as the Herrscher of Finality and Mei as the Herrscher of Origin, see how they grew from St. Freya to the moon, and hear their battle cries during the decisive showdown.

The afterword for the first volume of the main story will be the next update. Also in the works is a completely new story. The 5th Anniversary Special Program will also debut on February 11 on the GLB server.

Meet the Herrscher of Finality and Herrscher of Origin in Honkai Impact 3rd Version Kiana

The Herrscher of Finality will represent Kiana’s ultimate state and her most liberated self in the future release. She is an IMG-type Fire DMG dealer with the ability to use a sword and pistols for combat. She may also engage in combat while in flight, launching foes into the air or slamming them to the ground. Herrscher of Finality has a variety of elegant attack techniques that showcase her composure and independence.

Honkai Impact 3rd Version Kiana
Image via HoYoverse

She can, for instance, transition between the Moon Blade and Time Flint stances after performing a Combo ATK, each of which has a different offensive impact. The pinnacle of Kiana’s development is symbolized by Herrscher of Finality. Her ultimate freedom, happiness, and perfection have been attained, which transports her back to her youthful self when she was vivacious and carefree and always ready to welcome the future and hope.

Honkai Impact 3rd Version Kiana
Image via HoYoverse

Raiden Mei joins Kiana as the Herrscher of Origin. She is a dealer of IMG-type Lightning DMG and uses Wing Blades to annihilate opponents with her unmatched sword skills. She uses Mind Body Insight during combat to charge up her Wing Blades, and when they are fully charged, she can draw her sword to cast Regressive Origin when she is sheathing it or at other appropriate times.

Raiden Mei can also cast an additional Sin of Killing at this time, which delivers Lightning DMG gradually. Mei is much more at ease and free as the Herrscher of Origin, and she has the support and wisdom of her companions at St. Freya as well as the Thirteen Flame-Chasers in addition to her confidence in her strength.

Honkai Impact 3rd latest version update will bring a new story chapter and a featured event

The last Tale In the latest version update, Toward a New Tomorrow, Chapter XXXV of Volume 1 will be revealed, where the valiant Valkyries must overcome new obstacles in their battle to recover the Earth. Project Stigma and Chimera energy both provide fresh dangers in the meanwhile. Kiana and her friends were able to coordinate their efforts to go to the Cocoon of Finality. To demonstrate to the Valkyries the full scope of Finality’s original authority, Kevin, Volume 1’s last boss, is present.

Along with the final boss and additional story content, Captains will also receive a plethora of special benefits and rewards, such as the character card for Herrscher of Origin as well as the short-lived bridge theme Above the Moon that is closely related to the final battle. Players can also fight alongside everyone from St. Freya and the Golden Courtyard in the new event Bustling Holiday Symphony, which includes an arcade shooter mini-game.

Are you excited as Honkai Impact 3rd announces to release Version Kiana on February 16? Let us know in the comments below!

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