Honkai Impact 3rd v6.2 update, The Chrono and the Hare is set to release on December 8, 2022

Cabbage-headed, but General-purpose Super AI!

Honkai Impact 3rd v6.2 The Chrono and the Hare update will be released on December 8, 2022, according to a statement made by the developers. Captains can participate in the highlighted event and work on in-game problems using Chrono Navi: Ai Hyperion, a new SP character. Additionally, the moon will continue to be explored in the upcoming update, along with new modes, gorgeous outfits, and abundant goodies to obtain.

Ai Hyperion has never previously been on board. Players should hope that she won’t behave like Ai-chan and wreak havoc on Hyperion! Chrono Navi: Ai Hyperion, the self-declared Miss Administrator, is a melee MECH fighter who deals Fire DMG and a chakram-wielding support who fights with agility while assisting teammates. She is incredibly agile in battle and can throw the chakram like a boomerang to hit the enemy continually due to her artificial intelligence.

Honkai Impact 3rd v6.2 chrono navi
Image via HoYoverse

Ai will be released together with a featured event called The Honkai Salvation Log, where Captains can go around cyberspace with her to find the crisis’s architect and patch Honkai Impact 3rd’s in-game issues. In various story locations, many small Ai-chans will appear, each with special skills that can be useful. Participating in the event will net captains a tonne of goodies, such as Spectral Raven’s new outfit from Midnight Absinthe, among others.

New challenges are awaiting on the moon in Honkai Impact 3rd v6.2 update

In the updated version, Honkai and Project Stigma’s true nature will gradually come to light as the plot develops. The moon has new difficulties for players. By that time, new game modes including Iron Mirage and the artifact system Remains of the Old World will also be available, allowing players to explore mysterious structures left behind by an unidentified civilization and earn associated rewards.

Beating Thunder, a bonus event, will also be accessible during version 6.2. Captains can get a Herrscher of Thunder Character Card on the event page by completing 4 particular missions!

Are you excited about Honkai Impact 3rd v6.2 The Chrono and the Hare update? Let us know in the comments below!

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