Honkai Impact 3rd v7.2 The Wings to Mars is set to release on January 18, 2024

The ending of Part 1.5 story and the prologue of the upcoming Part 2!

Honkai Impact 3rd has officially announced the release of v7.2, titled “Wings to Mars,” scheduled for January 2024. In this upcoming version, players can anticipate a variety of exciting events. One notable event, the Wild Phoenix Chase, will delve into the adventures of Fu Hua and Senti as they pursue the mischievous Jingwei. Furthermore, players can expect the introduction of Fu Hua’s new battlesuit, Fenghuang of Vicissitude.

Additionally, the prelude event, “The Star Which the Moon Gazes Upon,” will feature story stages and challenge stages. During this event, Kiana, Durandal, and Bronya will take turns mentoring Helia and Coralie, the main characters of Part 2. They will impart crucial combat knowledge before the characters embark on their journey to Mars. Players can look forward to discovering how the three mentors have evolved over the years and the memorable moments shared between them and their proteges.

Fu Hua and Senti’s new adventure will unveil unique Battlesuit Mechanisms in Honkai Impact 3rd v7.2

After enduring a lengthy journey, Fu Hua has reached a point where she can now relax and express her true self, as tranquility has been restored to the world. The much-anticipated Active Honkai Reaction Garuda form of Fu Hua, which made a spectacular debut in the previous Kiana version, is set to be introduced. The Vicissitude Fenghuang, a BIO-type melee fighter specializing in Fire DMG, represents the first battlesuit with a mechanism ensuring her immortality on the battlefield.

Honkai Impact 3rd v7.2 Fenghuang
Image via HoYoverse

The forthcoming Wild Phoenix Chase event narrates the adventures of Fu Hua and Senti as they collect various marbles and souvenirs on their journey, using these items to inflict damage on enemies through different mechanisms. To confront these challenges, each character will showcase their unique skills, while Captains can acquire souvenirs offering significant buffs for their characters.

The event story also features their attendance at Shigure Kira’s concert. This time, her outfit, “Tonight’s My Time!” exudes a classic idol vibe with its deep red overall design, marking the realization of Kirastar’s long-awaited idol dream.

The Star Which the Moon Gazes Upon event promises exciting challenges and rich storylines in Honkai Impact 3rd

In the upcoming limited-time event, “The Star Which the Moon Gazes Upon,” players will find a crucial connection to Part 2. The event features various story and challenge stages, focusing on aiding Helia and Coralie in their combat training. In the first course, Helia interacts with different mechanisms in the training ground, activating them to defeat enemies while facing weapon usage restrictions. She can utilize Ultimate Evasion to dodge attacks and accumulate energy, eventually unleashing her support skill with Durandal for a powerful strike.

The second course showcases Bronya displaying her combat prowess to Coralie. Coralie, in turn, activates turrets to attack enemies, particularly focusing on the main enemy, Benares, who has three shields vulnerable to Fire, Lightning, or Ice. Players must approach elemental turrets and activate the corresponding one to break the shield.

Course 3 centers on bombing enemies for an easy victory, with Kiana, Helia, and Coralie teaming up. Coralie periodically opens a black hole in the field to pull in and bomb all enemies, while Helia provides support by shielding Kiana. Completing these courses and meeting challenge objectives earns players rewards like Crystals, AE Imaginons, Ancient Willpowers, and various in-game rewards.

Additionally, the update includes a rerun of Herrscher of Flamescion’s outfit, “Time Runner.” The v7.2 update is scheduled for release on iOS, Android, and PC on January 18, 2024, offering new battlesuits, limited-time events, and plentiful rewards for players to enjoy.

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