Honor of Kings Content Provider faces penalty charges on the issue of leaking content

A lesson worthy to learn!

Honor of Kings has been a successful title by TiMi Studios Group and thus has a very engaging and lively community. As revealed on Weibo (via Superpixel), one of the content providers for Honor of Kings, operating by the name of MESSAGE Technology has been involved in leaking some of the game content online to the community and is due some penalty for the incident. The company thus, has come forward and released a statement containing an explanation regarding the incident.

MESSAGE Technology has taken action against the concerned perpetrators

MESSAGE Technology has since released a statement that is available on the official Weibo ID of Honor of Kings, The company released an explanation as to how the whole incident unfolded. According to them, due to inadequate employee management training between December 2022 and January 2023, a formal employee named Zhou took advantage of the situation and secretly leaked the content online.

Image via Level Infinite

The company further stated that they regret that due to the lack of proper supervision, the employee could leak the content online. According to them, the employee was present in the office after his service hours and took advantage of the systems when there were relatively few employees present around and downloaded the content to leak it online.

This incident caused a financial loss to the project partners and negatively impacted the gaming experience of Honor of Kings users. They further stated that proper actions have been taken by the perpetrators and the employee has been fired from the position of responsibility. The company has further plans to sue the employee and pursue legal action to recover the losses incurred by the project team and the company.

Honor of Kings penalty, Honor of Kings
Image via MESSAGE Technology

Additional penalties have also been laid out for the supervising manager who failed to supervise the employee. Penalties like reductions in quarterly bonuses, full salary, and performance-based pay will be in effect for the manager. The departmental manager will also receive the same fate with reductions and penalties in quarterly bonuses, full salary, and performance-based pay.

MESSAGE Technology accepts fines and penalties for the incident

The company, MESSAGE Technology has also stated publicly that they regret the whole content leaking situation and understand the gravity of the situation. The company stated that it would be willing to accept a penalty equivalent to three times the annual revenue from all orders placed with the company in a bid to cover up for the losses incurred due to the incident.

Honor of Kings is a quite popular game and as said before has an engaging audience to its name, hence any content leaks irrespective of size and importance have the capacity to incur heavy loss to the title and user experience of players in the game. This incident will surely serve as a lesson for MESSAGE Technology and other companies in the industry to have a better regulatory framework in their workplace to help them avoid such incidents which are harmful to both developers and themselves.

What are your thoughts on Honor of Kings charging a heavy penalty for leaking content? Let us know in the comments below!

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