Honor of Kings makers announced two new games upon its 5th anniversary

The new games will aim to expand the Honor of Kings universe

Upon the 5th Anniversary of Honor of Kings, Timi Studios has released concept videos for two new upcoming spin-off games of Honor of Kings. The videos were released on 1st Nov and fans were thrilled at the first look of the upcoming games. The new games will come as spinoffs to Honor of Kings.

Announcement of the two new games based on Honor of Kings

1. Code: Departure

Firstly, we have a game that seems to be an Action MMORPG known as Code: Departure. Through the concept video, we can see Honor of Kings Champions explore vast landscapes of different terrain such as water and earth, exploring gorgeously illustrated valleys and planes as they progress throughout the game. It is highly likely that the developers at Timi Studios are hopping onto the hype train of MMORPGs caused by the largely successful Genshin Impact that was released earlier this year.

An unknown Honor of Kings champion walks through a valley

In the concept video, we also see champions heading towards the “Lord” in Honor of Kings which is equivalent to the Baron in Wildrift or the Dark Slayer in Arena of Valor. Thus we can see that the MMORPG most likely hopes to retain Honor of King’s features from its mobile MOBA.

Honor of Kings new games

2. Code: Breakthrough

Secondly, we have what seems to be like a 2D fighter game known as Code: Breakthrough. Once again, it integrates Honor of Kings’ champions and their abilities into the game, but this time in a two-dimensional sense. Confirmed characters we can see in the video include Lee Bai, Marco Polo, Da Qiao, Angela, and Mozi. Moreover, we can also see that the main antagonist of the fighting game may be Si Ma Yi as he appears facing off against the five previously mentioned champions. It is possible that this is a fighting type game that may be similar to Shadow Fight, however as we can see the champions grouping up to fight Si Ma Yi at the end of the video, there is a slight chance it could be a story-driven RPG game where players collect heroes to progress in the plot.

Honor of Kings new games
Left: Lee Bai using his abilities | Right: Marco Polo using his abilities

With limited knowledge of these upcoming games, we can only await their arrival.

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