How mobile gaming industry has generated revenues upto $3.5 billion in Latin America

A whooping rise of players and payers in Latin America!

Since the introduction of the first smartphones, mobile gaming has been steadily growing to become one of the most popular platforms in gaming. It has the same advantages as any other gaming platform. It also has the added benefits of portability and convenience. In recent times, mobile gaming has been a huge competitor in the video game industry. This trend is prevalent in some places than others. In this article, we will be looking into the region of Latin America, which has recorded some great numbers in terms of revenue in the mobile gaming industry, that loves mobile gaming more than any platform, Latin America.

Mobile Gaming Industry in Latin America: Revenues

As indicated from the graphs, the revenues made by mobile gaming have reached numbers upto $3.5 billion in Latin America. The numbers have been steadily increasing since 2019. By 2024, it is even predicted that the revenues from mobile gaming in the region would reach as high as $5.1 billion. This is a testament to show how booming the mobile gaming industry of the Latin America region is today. 

mobile gaming industry revenue latin america
Latin America: Rise of Mobile Gaming Industry (Image via Newzoo)

Compared to other gaming platforms, the revenues from the mobile gaming platform in the region comprise a total of a whopping 48 percent of the total revenues gained by all of the different gaming platforms. These platforms start from the generic console games to PC to mobile and more. It shows us that the mobile gaming platform is not just a competitor against traditional gaming platforms. It has shown signs to overtake them in total revenues in the Latin American region.

Mobile Gaming Industry: Spendings

As the number of mobile gamers from Latin America increases, the percentage of people that spend real money in the mobile game industry also increases. As seen on the graph, the average value of money that gamers also spend on their games has also risen since 2019. These changes are very significant and signify the growth of the gaming industry in terms of its economy. 

mobile gaming industry revenue latin america
Latin America Player and payer growth over the years (Image via Newzoo)

Mobile gaming is more and more being considered by people as a “hobby” rather than just a way to pass time when being bored in traffic, queues, and such. Hobbies are what people love and genuinely enjoy doing. A few examples of things that most people consider as hobbies are stamp collecting, sports. A scene where people invest their time and money and enjoy doing so. This is what gaming, in general, should be considered as, unlike what still many people believe to this day as “a waste of time”.

Final Points

It is astonishing to see the extent to which the mobile gaming industry has flourished in Latin America, in terms of revenue and user acceptance. Ever since the dawn of the smartphone age, mobile games have been struggling to compete with their more traditional counterparts like PC and console games. Many even called mobile games ‘not real‘ games. With this current rate, mobile gaming might as well become the norm and the go-to platform in the gaming industry. Mobile devices are like a console and a Desktop that can fit in everybody’s pockets with their portability and versatility.

mobile gaming industry revenue latin america
Popular games in Latin America

In the end, gamers should be united into their shared hobby. Divisions should not be formed on the basis of different platforms. Every gamer on any platform is a gamer. Everyone should be treated equally no matter what games they play and how they play them. The only important thing is everybody having fun. 

What are your thoughts on the huge revenue generated by the mobile gaming industry in Latin America? Let us know in the comments below.

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