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HoYoverse sues SKYCORE for plagiarizing Genshin Impact content

SKYCORE stated its behaviour did not constitute unfair competition!

HoYoverse, the developer of the well-known game Genshin Impact has recently sued a company named SKYCORE affiliated with 37 Interactive Entertainment. HoYoverse has claimed that SKYCORE has infringed its copyright over the images of Genshin Impact in certain defendants’ games. According to the Chinese business data platform Tianyancha, HoYoverse has filed litigation documents against three entities under 37 Interactive Entertainment for using images and tampering with them without authorisation.

SKYCORE compensated HoYoverse for 30,000 Yuan over infringements

As the document shows, HoYoverse has sued the wholly owned subsidiary of 37 Interactive Entertainment SKYCORE for reportedly infringing its copyright on the Genshin Impact images, the one being Knights of the West Wind. Reports say that SKYCORE had put ads of those images with its official account on WeChat.

HoYoverse has also sued SKYCORE for intentionally misleading consumers and creating unfair competition by confusing the relationship between Song of the Castle in the Sky (the defendant’s game) and Genshin Impact. Song of the Castle in the Sky is operated jointly by 37 Interactive Entertainment and Jiaqu Network.

Genshin Impact HoYoverse sued SKYCORE
Image via HoYoverse

After this alleged claim, SKYCORE opened by saying that its behavior did not constitute unfair competition and that HoYoverse has claimed a high amount of compensation. Whereas, 37 interactive Entertainment has stated that it was unaware of the alleged actions and so they were not a part of joint infringement. Jiaqu Network has also stated that it was unaware of the ads and so they did not gain any benefits from them.

The court held that SKYCORE had published ads that were substantially similar to HoYoverse’s works and infringed upon the plaintiff’s right to disseminate information online. The court ruled that SKYCORE needs to compensate HoYoverse for 30,000 Yuan ($4,439)

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