Huntdown: The cult-classic action shooter is now available on Android and iOS

Pixel Punch-ups in your Pocket!

Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger Games have announced that the chaotic bounty-hunting shooter action game Huntdown is now available on Mobile devices for players. The critically-lauded, outrageously bloody, a retro-style platformer from the publishers of Valheim drops on Android and iOS devices today, with a free demo and barrage of optimized features playable in the palm of your hand. Moreover, with integrated iCloud and Game Center support, players can save across Apple devices, including Apple TV, picking up their progress from anywhere.  

Brimming with electrifying, hilarious gameplay and dialogue, Huntdown has gained overwhelmingly positive attention since its original release in May 2020. With a collective Metacritic rating of 86%, and nominations for Indie Game of the Year and Excellence in Multiplayer at the prestigious 2021 SXSW Awards, Huntdown isn’t short on accolades! Its intricate pixel-art underworld populated with ruthless hoodlums and overrun by explosive gang warfare continues to transport gamers back to the wit and grit of classic action movies and coin-op arcades of yesteryear. 

We’re so excited to make the Huntdown experience that much more accessible by launching it on mobile and Apple TV. Easy Trigger have put a lot of time and love into it, and it feels awesome to be able to release such a labor of love on mobile

Albert Säfström, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing

Experience stunning gameplay across 20 levels in the game

Initially built for mobile before its development for other platforms, Huntdown has now been specially mastered for the perfect portable experience. Players can kick back and kick butt with couch co-op, connecting multiple controllers to any device to clean up the grimy cityscapes as a unit.

Huntdown available
Play as one of three relentless bounty hunters in Huntdown

For those unfamiliar with Huntdown, you play as one of three relentless bounty hunters tasked to keep order in a cyberpunk, concrete jungle infested with organized crime. Take to the streets, alleys, and rooftops in twenty levels adorned with hundreds of stunning pixel-art animations, set to a booming electro-synth soundtrack inspired by the music of the 80s.

It’s amazing to watch Huntdown’s development come full-circle, as we’d always planned for it to be a mobile game from the offset. We’re so glad to be able to bring it home after such a positive reception and give people the chance to pick up and play wherever they go.

Tommy Gustafsson, Co-Founder and Director of Easy Trigger

Head over to your respective stores to play Huntdown now

All that being said, if you like classic action shooter games, you can check out the game on Android through Google Play and iOS through App Store. The game is available as a free demo to try before purchase, without any micro-transactions.

Are you excited for the Huntdown game as it now available on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comment section below.

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