HyakKinder has started Closed Beta testing in selected regions

Relive your childhood and look out for the Black Sheep in the group

NetEase has announced that they are going to release the English version of HyakKinder,  a mobile game in which players find a disciplinary committee hidden amongst kindergarten students. Their objective will be to not get caught by the student committee and let them interfere with the fun. HyakKinder Closed Beta Testing is now open till 23rd January at 11 pm on Android in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Relive your childhood kindergarten and complete your tasks

In this game, players will get to transform into cute kindergarten children and their mission is to overcome the challenges of Hakuzosu, the assistant director. But the players have to be careful because the team may have a turner who might In fact be working for the disciplinary committee and is sent by the teacher.

Beginner Friendly Gameplay HyakKinder beta testing

The player is going to be a general kindergarten child and will join hands with other players to complete the mission and work hard at the trials. Then, the disciplinary committee will use the “magic circle” to disturb the game and “seal” the kindergarten children into paper dolls.

Experience fast and easy gameplay with friends and even family

Players will have to complete missions for victory such as measuring height and fixing vending machines. During the mission, they have to watch out for the brutal student council that lurks among the kindergarten students. Players may also be given the role of the disciplinary committee role and must be hidden with a group of kindergarten children.

They must be careful not to let the kids know who they really are and use the cadence, hitting each child one by one to avoid further mischief. Then the players can enter into the voice chat, talk among themselves to decide who the committee member actually is, and vote them out. The game is very beginner-friendly and also has very fast finishing modes.

The game is only available for Android users in Indonesia and the Philippines for closed beta testing as of now. Interested Android players can download it from their Google Play to take part in the beta test. While iOS users can’t enjoy the English version just now, players can still download and play the original Japanese version via TapTap.

Are you excited about the start of closed beta testing the English version of HyakKinder ahead of its release? Let us know in the comments below!

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