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Identity V brings the 2.0 version update with new visual improvements, extra content and more

NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. has announced the next era of Identity V which will begin on April 20th, as the 2.0 Version update will introduce the Ashes of Memory storyline to the game. This update will launch alongside new visual improvements to the game, extra content, and special log-in bonuses for all players.

In the asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game Identity V, four survivors must flee from the grasp of a hunter in a twisted gothic environment. To escape unhurt, the Survivors must use their special abilities to avoid the Hunter and achieve the stage’s goals.

The Hunter player must find and kill every Survivor in the meantime, reducing their numbers one at a time. These matches are the fictitious Manor Games, which the player learns about as they try to solve the riddles surrounding the horrible events that took place in Oletus Manor.

Identity V 2.0 features a brand new Protagonist and Story

Chapter 1 of the Ashes of Memory tale, which features a new protagonist named Journalist Alice Deross, will start with the 2.0 Version update. Players will direct Alice as she investigates the Oletus Manor and unearths sinister mysteries about its past, taking over the role of the main character from Orpheus. Also, Alice, a brand-new Survivor character, will be given away free of charge to all Identity V players!

Image via NetEase

The timeline has changed after Identity V’s introduction of a new protagonist, with Orpheus’ experiences taking place before Alice’s voyage. Identity V’s user interface (UI) has been changed to reflect this alteration and the worn-out lobby that players were used to having now been restored to its former splendor.

Identity V 2.0 version update
Image via NetEase

Players can now enjoy fresh iterations of the logic route, notebook, and match entrance thanks to changes made to the interactive pages’ user interface. For the purpose of assisting players in keeping track of all the knowledge and lore provided to them, several new features will also be included, such as an item bag and a tale review.

Identity V will open up Oletus Manor in new ways in the version 2.0 update

It only makes sense for gamers to view Oletus Mansion in a new light now that it resembles its prior splendor. Oletus Mansion will become accessible to all players in Identity V’s 2.0 Version update, letting them explore spaces including the banquet hall, study, guest chamber, and botanical gardens. The remodeled Oletus Mansion will be easier to get to than ever before.

Identity V 2.0 version update
Image via NetEase

Rewards will be given to all players worldwide in conjunction with the release of Identity V’s 2.0 Version update. Everyone will have the opportunity to open extraordinary goodies for their game by receiving 20 Essences for being brave enough to experience this new adventure and confront the horrors of the Oletus Manor.

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