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Identity V celebrates its Fourth Anniversary with new crossovers and events

The 4th anniversary celebration of Identity launches with a wide variety of new crossovers and updates

Identity V is going to celebrate its fourth anniversary with all players, who have been so supportive during the past four years! The fourth official anniversary event for Identity V, an asymmetrical multiplayer survival game, has been launched by NetEase. There are currently a huge number of new crossovers and updates lined up in the game along with special events.

The entire event was live-streamed to the audience, who enjoyed spending time together while reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future. The All-Star Game and IJL League special match will now cross over, and there will shortly be further in-game improvements. Additionally, cross-industry collaboration and project planning are also coming.

A wide variety of new Crossovers and Updates are now available as a part of fourth anniversary of Identity V

Come back when it’s convenient to look for the cause and effects of the recurring secret, as the proprietor and the merchant of an apparently average Time Photo Studio have supernatural abilities somewhere in the busy city. Customers put their trust in Cheng Xiaoshi, who was sent into the photo industry with Lu Guang’s instruction to find any traces of the truth and dusty secrets hidden there.

The enigmatic Oletus Manor from Identity V has also journeyed through time in the interim. No one abandons even the faintest hope in the face of perplexing obstacles, and they continue to have confidence in the quest for the reality of fate. That is the overarching theme of the two works. And now let’s take a look at the list of crossovers happening or are soon to happen in Identity V

Link Click X Identity Crossover with click is about to start! There will be a Time Camera and Accessories of Xie Bi’an & Fan Wujiu- Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang accessible, ready to transport you to the era shown in the image.

Identity V fourth anniversary
Image via NetEase

Players will receive a portrait of Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, a limited crossover Portrait frame, and other personal tasks by joining the time-limited crossover event, taking part in the interaction, snapping images, and completing objectives.

Identity V x Angels of Death crossover

The adventure game with the same name inspired the well-known animation Angels of Death. Rachel doesn’t know how or why she ended up in a building’s basement when she woke up there. In her attempts to flee, she only runs upon Zack, a bandaged murderer.

Identity V fourth anniversary
Image via NetEase

Rachel and Zack begin to climb through the building until they are able to escape after Zack makes a promise to kill her as soon as he is liberated. However, as they advance, more and more bizarre things occur.

Identity V x Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly crossover

Identity V fourth anniversary
Image via NetEase

The second game in the Fatal Frame series, known as one of the most terrifying online games, is the well-known horror game Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. The narrative follows identical twin sisters Mio and Mayu Amakura as they investigate Minakami Settlement, a deserted village, and have paranormal occurrences. They made an attempt to flee, but the village’s damage was only gradually repaired.

Other updates coming as a part of Identity V’s fourth anniversary

The Anniversary-themed PV of Season 22 essence is released for the first time. What’s more, players from all servers in the celebration can have 10 memory spheres (old season), free of charge! These are the rewards from Identity V Dev Team and hoping to bring a more pleasant gaming experience to all players.

Moreover, the long-awaited intelligence on survivors has been revealed, and the drawing is published for the first time. “Composers”, who are good at rhythm will bring wonderful performance in the chase and run. Finally, the KV concept for the upcoming “Ashes of Memory” tale was also made public. Players may learn more about the new KV environments and characters.

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