Idle Siege: Gameloft’s medieval-inspired strategy game is now available on Android and iOS

Sit back, Relax and Launch the Attack!

Gameloft, a leader in the creation and publishing of games, has announced that Idle Siege, a relaxing and stress-free yet delightfully engaging idle strategy game, is now available on Android and iOS devices worldwide. Players will be able to take a role of a mighty Warlord sent to test their mettle against the Unconquerable Islands, making critical strategic decisions from a siege camp, and tactical decisions from the battlefield.

Enter battles in stylish hand crafted levels in Idle Siege

From their siege camps, players will get to play Idle Siege by building military installations, upgrading their army, and creating troops ranging from those inspired by 13th Century Scottish fighters, 18th Century French soldiers, and more. They can also assign iconic commanders with special abilities like Napoleon, King Leonidas, and Genghis Khan or surprise their enemies by having Robin Hood or Odin take a step onto the battlefield.

Idle Siege available

Moreover, players will get to experiment with different military formations to find the perfect strategy to crush the enemy and march their way to glory. Also, you will get to fight in battles in stylish hand-crafted levels including the ruthless lands of taiga, bone dry sunny deserts, and scenic green forests. Additional intriguing and adventurous places will be available during time-limited events and in upcoming updates.

We’ve been watching the idle-genre evolve over the last few years. Idle mechanics are taking over other game genres and there’s still a lot of room for innovation around idle DNA.

“Our fresh-new approach was to bring the RTS experience on mobile and blend it with idle mechanics that don’t require long game sessions and attention span to play and progress. Players will be able to pick it up at ease while watching their favorite TV show and do meaningful progress without spending a ton of their time, but thinking strategically will let players progress faster. As for future development, there’s a ton of new units, commanders, and new lands to conquer in the pipeline as well as new game modes. We have big plans, stay tuned!” he concluded further.

The game is now live on Android and iOS stores

Enjoy the relaxing and stress-free yet delightfully engaging idle strategy game as the Colorful medieval-inspired strategic game, Idle Siege is now available for Android devices on the Google Play Store and for iOS devices on the Apple App Store.

Are you excited now about the news that Idle Siege is now available on Android and iOS devices? Let us know in the comments below.

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