Illuminaria, a resource management title is now available on Android, iOS release coming soon

Choose where to build, what resources to gather, and then watch the robots do the heavy lifting!

The resource management game Illuminaria by Selva Interactive is now available on Android, with iOS and Nintendo Switch platforms to come later this summer. A captivating and vibrant adventure, Illuminaria takes place on a magnificent planet in an uncharted region of the cosmos.

Take charge of an automated system and direct a fleet of robots to control everything in Illuminaria

The peaceful and highly developed Illumi people who lived on Illuminaria, a planet that was once bright and full of life, perished as a result of the darkness that invaded and poisoned their homes. Despite their best efforts, the Illumi was unable to stop the spread of the darkness; but, before all hope was lost, they developed a robotic system to protect their planet.

To rid the planet of the unrelenting Blight, the player will command an automated system and a fleet of robots to manage every aspect of resource gathering, management, research, base construction, and defense against invaders.

Illuminaria available
Image via Selva Interactive

Illuminaria’s streamlined mechanics set it distinct from other strategy and resource management games: With a few touches on the screen, the player may easily direct their forces, then watch as their robot fleet executes the orders throughout the game. The expedition’s auto battler phases add variety to the action by giving players the chance to collect valuable materials to advance their technology.

Build bases with warehouses and resource-producing machines to achieve the in-game objectives

The two major goals of the game are to free the bases that have been occupied by the blight and light beacons to remove the darkness from the globe. The player must construct numerous bases with warehouses and various resource-producing equipment to accomplish these objectives. The players will also constantly have to defend their bases from opponents who try to take their resources and destroy them.

The project Illuminaria is developed by a 3-person team from Guatemala and is now available to download on Android via Google Play. It is supported and enabled by WINGS.

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