Infinity Kingdom is celebrating its second anniversary with a new character, in-game events and rewards

Celebrate second anniversary with exciting rewards!

Infinity Kingdom, a cartoon-style MMO strategy game has reached its second birthday. To mark the occasion, Infinity Kingdom is introducing the new Immortal “Wukong” and starting several enjoyable second anniversary events. There is also a ton of rewards offered to the players.

Infinity Kingdom brings a new immortal, Wukong with the second anniversary celebrations

Trustworthy allies are essential on the battlefield. “Wukong,” a brand-new Legendary Immortal, has arrived. This Immortal of the Chaos element is adept at magic and versatile enough to change into other elements to blend in with any lineup. With this, every battle will receive the Elemental Aura bonus. Wukong can be used in a variety of ways thanks to this. For a chance to win various Wukong Fragments, players must take part in the anniversary celebration!

A special webpage commemorating Infinity Kingdom’s second anniversary has just gone live. The special page will include a lot of surprises in addition to the Wukong display section and the most recent game news. For the unique Wukong “Eternal Accompany” Avatar Frame, Chat Message Box, Nameplate, and other fantastic rewards, players must check it out.

Infinity Kingdom second anniversary
Image via YOOZOO Games

For progress rewards and a chance to win rare items to make lords the strongest they can be, such as gems, philosopher’s stones, artefact schematic fragments, market orders, and more, help decorate the cake for IK’s second birthday. Claim your unique memory card by going down memory lane. During these celebrations, you can review your prior accomplishments, get a unique Title, and visit the unique message board.

Infinity Kingdom anniversary event features limited-edition decorations and rewards

Rewards have never been better thanks to the new celebration tasks. Players can log in daily to receive wonderful gifts and to gather resources for 2nd Anniversary Chests filled with tons of rewards. During these celebrations, players can gather resources and 2nd Anniversary Coins, set off fireworks, and have a great time.

Infinity Kingdom second anniversary
Image via YOOZOO Games

Additionally, special events will be held on Infinity Kingdom’s Facebook and Discord to commemorate the second-year anniversary! Additionally, there will be Discord benefits, a blessing creation event, a title-sharing raffle, and birthday raffles! For more ways to celebrate, players can visit game’s social media pages.

Are you excited for the second anniversary celebration of Infinity Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!

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