JoyPac announces partnership with top hyper-casual publishers to reach Chinese mobile gamers

Top publishers to boost the hyper-casual games scene in the Chinese market!

Games publisher JoyPac has announced its partnership with some of the top hyper-casual publishers like Ketchapp, BoomBit and Gismart to help them market games including Samurai Slash, Shoe Race and Pencil Rush to Chinese mobile gamers. 

The partnership with three hyper-casual publishers companies and JoyPac have already published many hugely successful hyper-casual games between them with hundreds of millions of installs. However, finding success in the US and European markets is no guarantee of similar success in China which is where JoyPac’s expertise and experience come in. 

The success story of JoyPac and its partnership with hyper-casual developers

After reaching #1 in US iOS with Shoe Race it was crucial for us to find the perfect partner to conquer China’s Top Charts as well. With JoyPac we were able to do it pretty quickly and effortlessly. Thanks to the JoyPac team Shoe Race is now a truly worldwide phenomenon!

Gonçalo Martins, Head of Marketing at BoomBit

As a specialist in localising and launching Western hyper-casual games into China, JoyPac has built up a reputation for successfully navigating the complexities of the Chinese mobile games market.

Not only do games need to meet different legal requirements, but the marketing landscape for games is completely different in China, thanks to the dominance of social media platforms such as DouYin, Kuaishou, WeiBo and the ubiquitous WeChat.

Future plans of JoyPac and hyper-casual publishers

For any hyper-casual developers and publishers looking to expand into China, or who feel their existing China strategy could be improved, JoyPac will be at ChinaJoy, the largest show in Asia dedicated to the games industry. ChinaJoy is taking place in Shanghai between the 29th and 31st July.

It’s great to have the opportunity to work with titles from such well-known publishers, and we look forward to helping them make a splash with Chinese mobile gamers,Although the Chinese market has become much more competitive in recent years, the hyper-casual genre is becoming more popular with about 25% of the games currently in the top 20 download charts coming from Western developers. Now is a good time for Western developers to enter this market with hyper-casual titles

Vivian Dong, Head of Publishing at JoyPac

About JoyPac

JoyPac is a mobile game publisher established to help developers bridge the inherent gap between West and East, and create global smash hits. With a team of industry veterans located in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Japan and Beijing, we’re focused on making it as easy as possible for developers of hyper-casual to casual games to find success in new territories, increase their yield, and reach more players than ever. We strive to bring joyful mobile game experiences to millions of players worldwide.

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