KartRider: Drift brings the RISE update with all-new gameplay features, quality-of-life updates, and more

Collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini brings players three new karts

KartRider: Drift, the premier free-to-play, online kart racing game developed by Nexon and Nitro Studio, is thrilled to introduce RISE, an update packed with fresh gameplay elements, improvements to enhance user experience, and an exclusive partnership with Automobili Lamborghini, available for a limited time.

KartRider: Drift RISE update unlocks personalized racing experience

In the latest update, fresh Karts are introduced, inviting players to outpace their rivals with three formidable frontrunners upon launch. Commencing today, gamers are granted the option to select from three distinct, time-limited super sports cars – namely, the Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate Roadster, Huracán EVO Spyder, and Urus Performante – available in the game until March 13, 2024.

Each racer in KartRider: Drift now possesses individualized skills, finely tuned to match their personality and racing approach. These character abilities are accessible for employment in Item mode, featuring two categories of skills – Active, enabling players to trigger an effect at specific moments via designated actions, and Passive, which grants automatic skill activation. Examples include:

  • Brodi – Brodi’s Boost Zone (Active) – Deploys a Boost Zone ahead on the track.
  • Kris – Banana Hack (Active) – Converts opponents’ held items into bananas.
  • Martin – Hydrophile (Passive) – Provides a chance to acquire Water Bomb or Water Fly items when hit by either.
  • Rave – For The Fans (Passive) – Temporarily gains invincibility after being struck by select items.

Unleash new kart abilities with proficiency system upgrades in KartRider: Drift

In the new Kart tuning system designed for Speed Mode, players are given the ability to customize their Karts to their liking. Through the Proficiency System, players have the opportunity to enhance their Karts, thereby unlocking new functionalities. Initially, all Karts possess identical speed and acceleration attributes, offering a selection of six fundamental tuning choices:

  • Booster Acceleration
  • Drift Acceleration
  • Boost Duration
  • Boost Charge Amount
  • Long Slide Drift Sustainability
  • Maintain Boost after Wall Collision Boost

Racing boxes bring unexpected thrills to KartRider: Drift

Furthermore, players can inject an element of unpredictability into their races with the introduction of Racing Boxes. These can be acquired from various sources such as the Item shop, and the Racing Pass, as rewards within the game, and through community events.

Upon opening a Racing Box, players are bestowed with a surprise item. In the event they receive an item they already possess from a Racing Box, it is automatically converted into the new Mileage currency. This Mileage currency can be utilized to procure exclusive Mileage-only items from the Item shop.

RISE update enhances player experience with multi-mode matchmaking

RISE introduces a fresh iteration of its racing pass, offering a range of enhancements. Within this updated system, participants have the opportunity to accumulate Trophies by exchanging them for valuable rewards.

Upon successful completion of the pass, individuals can trade in their Trophies for an exclusive Racing Box containing items featured in previous editions of the racing pass. Whether opting for the Regular or Premium pass, users gain access to monthly updates featuring missions designed to cater to racers of varying skill levels.

Furthermore, RISE presents numerous quality-of-life improvements, including an enhanced matchmaking experience with Multi Mode. This mode merges matchmaking for both general races and Grand Prix events. In place of the traditional Grand Prix format, racers can now engage in ranked item or speed matches, accruing points to advance their ranking. Additionally, participants can seamlessly transition between multiple matches without the need to return to the lobby for queueing purposes.

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