KartRider: Drift Season 2 World Kart Championship brings new tracks, characters, and more

It’s time to burn some rubber!

The publisher Nexon and developer Nitro Studios have expressed their excitement as they unveil the release of Season 2 for their kart racing video game KartRider: Drift. This new season, titled World Kart Championship, is set to deliver the thrill of high-speed racing through the introduction of fresh tracks, additional characters, collaborative efforts, and a range of in-game items available through the Racing Pass.

Since its release in March, the game has enthralled gamers worldwide with its dynamic action, lively visuals, and enjoyable gameplay. Its distinctive approach to kart racing has garnered a dedicated following, with numerous enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the introduction of fresh seasonal updates.

Experience thrilling races on famous tracks in KartRider: Drift Season 2

In the upcoming season called World Kart Championship, players will have the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of racing on renowned tracks like WKC: Korea Circuit and WKC: Brazil Circuit, featuring fresh challenges and additional accessories. These new race tracks have been specifically designed to test players’ skills and maintain their suspense as they strive to reach the finish line.

Enhance your KartRider: Drift experience with new characters and modes

Season 2 will introduce a variety of new characters, including Derek, Lodumani, and Tiera. Additionally, KartRider: Drift will collaborate with IPX’s globally popular character IP, BT21, and present a new collection of characters such as KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, and COOKY. Players will have the opportunity to unlock these new characters as they progress through the free and Premium Racing Pass tiers.

Season 2 will also bring new modes, such as the Infinite Boost mode, along with player-supplied Decal Market and balloon accessory consumables. Moreover, there will be several quality-of-life improvements, including the introduction of random parties and the ability to further advance one’s Driver’s License progress.

KartRider Drift Season 2 World Kart Championship
Image via Nexon

To enhance the experience, viewers are encouraged to tune in to KartRider: Drift’s Twitch channel and link their Nexon account. By doing so, they will have the exclusive opportunity to earn the all-new Trucker Dad Pack Twitch drops, consisting of three unique items, which can be obtained by watching the stream.

Are you excited about the Season 2 World Kart Championship of KartRider: Drift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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