King of Avalon celebrates its 6th anniversary with new content and events

King of Avalon, a mobile strategy MMO by FunPlus, a top mobile game developer and publisher, is celebrating its 6th anniversary. King of Avalon, which was released in 2016, is based on the King Arthur tale. By strengthening their army, forging player alliances, upgrading their structures, and conquest of medieval Europe’s surroundings, players must construct a strong empire from nothing. More than 100 million copies of King of Avalon have been downloaded worldwide, making it a bestseller in close to 70 nations.

King of Avalon which recently released the Frost & Flame update and added actor Orlando Bloom to the roster of in-game characters, is offering unique events with fresh content like the Camelot Tournament, Dragon Flame Feast, Fireworks Workshop, Anniversary Memory, and more.

Players have achieved impressive results in Kings of Avalon in the past 6 years

Players have created 144.1 million characters, and 1.1 million alliances, rallied 94.3 million times, and killed 6.29 billion monsters in Avalon’s six-year history. 1.75 billion players have participated in PvP battles over this time, and 88 Lords and Ladies have attained Level 50 Stronghold, the game’s highest level rank to date.

King of Avalon infographic
Image via FunPlus

It’s an honor to reach this milestone. In the ever-changing industry of mobile gaming, it’s a major achievement to celebrate 6 years of continuous live service and successsaid Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer at FunPlus.The latest “Frost & Flame” expansion of the game and the arrival of Orlando Bloom as a playable hero has breathed new life into King of Avalon – there’s always more to come and we can’t wait to celebrate  with our fans

Celebrate the 6th anniversary of Kings of Avalon with new content and events

In honor of its 6th anniversary, King of Avalon is releasing new content and hosting events like the Camelot Tournament, which recently awarded the winners of the Camelot Hall of Champions: the Camelot Knight: [777] Yo59 – K5202, the Camelot Fighter: [143] Cocott K5066, and the Camelot Celebrity: [PXA]SKULLY K5307.

In Dragon Flame Feasts, Lords and Ladies can gather resources, fight monsters, use gold, and cook meals to get ingredients. This raises the Alliance Feast level, which results in the acquisition of a Feast Level Chest each time the Feast level progress meter is full. All Alliance Members are able to send troops to the Feast Hall to take part in the Feast after it has begun.

King of Avalon Fireworks Progress
Image via FunPlus

Last but not least, players can take part in a Fireworks Workshop to have their fireworks lit up in a random color of green, blue, yellow, or purple, which will improve their Fireworks Progress and grant them Fireworks Keys based on the color of their fireworks.

The Helper Chest can then be opened by players to reveal rewards and get points. The 6th Anniversary celebration also includes additional activities like Anniversary Memory, where players may log in for 14 straight days to get a special anniversary honor, and Avalon Photo Booth, where players can share their favorite anniversary images.

A new era begins in Kings of Avalon with the 6th anniversary

The commencement of the Frost & Flame phase in the game’s history coincides with the game’s 6th anniversary. This brand-new game expansion features an original American-comic art style, a new Tower Defense gameplay mode where players must strategically deploy heroes and troops to defeat waves of the Unmelted, a brand-new dangerous enemy, as well as a new immersive world setting and plot where the Unmelted approach Avalon.

Orlando Bloom, who debuts in King of Avalon as a playable hero with a blockbuster plot that is now part of the game’s narrative, is featured in this new update. New players can access Orlando Bloom’s storyline for free by downloading the game. The new song The Ballad of Orlando and the brand-new comic book based on the Orlando plot named Nightshard: Origins have just been revealed by King of Avalon as a result of this collaboration.

Are you excited to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Kings of Avalon? Let us know in the comments below!

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