Konami files a lawsuit against Cygames For Patent Infringement

Konami is not happy with Uma Musume Pretty Derby!

KONAMI has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Cygames for patent infringement which includes Uma Musume Pretty Derby. Not much information is available regarding the lawsuit but it is reported that Konami demands a halt on all the business conducted under the banner of Uma Musume Pretty Derby.

Konami believes Uma Musume Pretty Derby replicates concepts of the Tokimeki Memorial series

As stated before not much information is out there regarding the matter of the lawsuit however some fans and followers believe that Konami has filed the lawsuit because of the Tokimeki Memorial series. Uma Musume Pretty Derby has a distinctive feature where players can breed characters using a variety of parameters, and that would affect the images shown on screen, their behavior, and other gameplay results. Similar features are also available in the Tokimeki Memorial series and Konami feels that it has been copied into the Uma Musume Pretty Derby series.

Konami lawsuit Cygames, Konami lawsuit
Image via Cygames

Konami also has demanded a sum of JPY$ 4,000,000,000 which equates to around $29 million. The detailed version of the lawsuit is not available to the general public hence it is hard to tell what was the actual reason for the patent infringement. However, according to the rumors it was the similar features of the Tokimeki Memorial series and Uma Musume Pretty Derby.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a series having a wide range of offerings in terms of manga series, anime series, and mobile games. The game is a raising simulation game where you take on the role of a newbie trainer, helping other Uma Musume girls prepare for the Twinkle Series tournaments to fulfill their dreams of becoming the fastest racers in the country.

Konami lawsuit Cygames, Konami lawsuit
Image via Konami

According to the lawsuit from Konami, they demand that all the business operations under the umbrella of Uma Musume Pretty Derby should be halted immediately.

What are your thoughts on Konami filing a lawsuit against Cygames? Let us know in the comments below!

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