Konami is working on a new Castlevania mobile game called Moonlight Rhapsody

If you’re a veteran gamer who has been playing video games for over a decade, you’ve probably enjoyed games belonging to the Castlevania franchise. Castlevania games have been in existence since the mid-1980s. While the series started out as a 2D platformer, it eventually evolved into a classic 3D action-adventure over its course. Seems like it’s time to indulge in some good old nostalgia as the classic monster slayer franchise is making its return again for the mobile platform after the decision of shutting down of their previous project, Castlevania Grimoire of Souls. Now, Konami and Shengqu Games have partnered up for a new Castlevania mobile game called Moonlight Rhapsody.

What do we know about the upcoming Castlevania mobile game

Prominent video game tweeter Daniel Ahmad, the Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, unveiled the news via his Twitter account. The tweet contains a 53-second video which gives a very brief idea about what this new Castlevania mobile game, Moonlight Rhapsody will be like. While the tweet itself was also brief, Ahmad did mention that this game “innovates on the original console games”.

Moonlight Rhapsody will be a side-scrolling action game

It is also mentioned in the tweet that Moonlight Rhapsody, the new Castlevania mobile game, will be a side-scrolling action game. This is clearly evident from the video in the tweet. The video gives us a general idea about what kind of combat system the game will feature. Players can use a variety of weapons and power-ups to take down enemies or evade their attacks.

Moonlight Rhapsody Castlevania Mobile

The game will feature different types of monsters. From regular common species to big and powerful ones, which will result in a boss fight. Similar to the old Castlevania games, Moonlight Rhapsody will be set in a 2D map with plenty of opportunity for platforming. The camera angle is from a side-scrolling view, which will follow the player as they navigate the map.

Konami has worked with several developers with regard to previous Castlevania games. This time, the development task is handled by the Chinese game development studio, Shengqu Games. Konami’s Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls was not fortunate enough to make it to the global audience since it soft-launched only in Canada last year and going to shut down this September. It was about time they started working on a new Castlevania title for mobile. And it seems like the Moonlight Rhapsody announcement came right on time.

What are your expectations from this new Castlevania mobile game? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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