League of Legends: Wild Rift Mid-Patch 1.1 update: Balance changes and more

Lots of balance changes incoming!

Recently, Riot Games has announced the League of Legends: Wild Rift mid-patch update. The updates focus primarily on the overperforming champions who are being nerfed. This is an additional update mid-patch update to the 1.1 Patch Update which was released earlier this month in LoL Wild Rift.


Three champions are being buffed with some minor adjustments in the map elements. Let’s get into the details of the champions buffed.


Akali has been a favorite mid lanner but has been considering weak since its release. The developers have increased her base armor stat. Akali’s Twilight Shroud’s cooldown has been reduced with a slight boost given to her movement speed. The range of shuriken flip has been also increased from 7 to 7.5. Mastering Akali is not always easy, check our exclusive Akali Guide here.


The developers have rightly noticed the biggest issue with Varus. The marksman had a bad movement base stat. But after the update, the movement speed is being increased from 325 to 330. Additionally, they have buffed the Blighted Quiver skill with an increase in damage dealt.


Evelynn was already irritating enough but now with a little more rage added to her Hate Spike, her Range and AP ratio have received a boost.

The mid-patch note also focused more on nerfing some of the Wild Rift champions. A total of six of them got nerfed. Let’s get the details of the champions that got nerfed.


Jhin was like a nightmare during the entire stage of the game. The developers have made a major reduction in his base stats and active skills.
The base stat changes are:

  • Starting attack speed: Reduced from 0.75 β†’ 0.66
  • Attack speed growth per level: 2.2% β†’ 3.2%
  • Attack speed at level 15: 0.94 (unchanged)
  • Attack damage growth per level: 5.5 β†’ 4.55
  • Attack damage at level 15 without items: 196 β†’ 177.

With this some minor changes are made with active skills like the cooldown increased on Curtain Call and slow duration reduced in Captive Audience.


Ezreal was packing some heavy damage with the fancy skill of getting out of fights easily. Therefore some minor changes have been made to the active skills with pulling back the damage dealt in Mystic Shot and more cooldown time in Arcane Shift. The developers have also reduced the passive skill-boosting attack speed.


Blitzcrank was doing some damage being the perfect tank. He is our favorite support but he has been too much supportive. Mana reduction changes have been made to the base mana and mana regen. The cooldown of passive skill, Mana Shield, is increased from the 50s to 80s. The Rocket Grab width is now reduced to 1 from 1.5 with reducing damage output.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin was known for his mobility due to his overpowered active skill of safeguard. The following stats of the active skill are made an adjustment:

  • Cooldown: 15/14/13/12s β†’ 15s
  • Shield value: 80/160/240/320 β†’ 60/120/180/240
  • Damage: 55/100/145/190 β†’ 50/75/100/125
  • Physical and magic vamp: 40/60/80/100% β†’ 35/50/65/80%.


With the last update, Gragas has been some reliable tank. He survives long in a team fight and blows up the enemy with his Explosive Cask skill. The following changes have been made to Gragas: the health has been reduced to 650 from 690, AP Ratio of Barrel Roll is reduced to 70% from 80%, Druken Rage skill cooldown increased from 4s to 4.5s and explosive Cask AP Ratio has been reduced from 80% to 70%.


The child mummy of WIld Rift has been wrecking the enemies with his sadness. The developers have also felt the effect of the curse and have reduced the damage output of his Despair skill. Also, the stun duration of Curse of Sad Mummy has been reduced from 2s to 1.5/1.75/2s. In order to master Amumu, refer to our guide here.


The patch note also worked on a few of the items especially the buffed tank items. Anti-Tank Items have been nerfed a bit. The following items have seen some adjustments.

  • Last Whisper: Armor penetration: 20% β†’ 15%
  • Mortal Reminder: Armor penetration: 35% β†’30%

The following active items have been buffed to create new strategies on the battlefield.

  • Teleport Enchant: Cost: 1000g β†’ 800g
  • Statis Enchant Cost: 1000g β†’ 800g
  • QuickSilver Enchant Cost: 500g β†’ 800g

Improved gaming experience

Based on the feedback, the game has felt too dependent on the duo lane snowballing. Accordingly, Riot has tuned down the number of experience champions can share to draw some focus to the other lanes.

  • Shared experience: 150% β†’ 140%
  • XP gained from minions (in duo lanes): 75% β†’ 70%


We’re all for wild, creative strategies, but taking Smite as a laner is something we’d like to discourage for the health of the game (it skews the jungle meta and can lead to less interactive laning). For those reasons, Smite now reduces XP gained from killing minions by 20% for the first 5 minutes of the game.

Jungle Monsters

More ganks! More picks! Respawn times have been increased on some jungle objectives to give teams more time and opportunity to outplay their opponents before hustling off to the next objective.

Baron Nashor

  • Respawn time: 180 β†’ 210 seconds

Scuttle Crab

  • Respawn time: 120 β†’ 150 seconds

We hope you found this article on League Of Legends: Wild Rift Mid-Patch 1.1 update helpful. Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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