Legends of Runeterra: All non-Targon Call of the Mountain cards released

Call of the Mountain is coming August 26th!

The ‘Call of the Mountain’ expansion is arriving on Legends of Runeterra on August 26. With that, a new region, Targon would be unlocked in the game. We have previously discussed all the Targon cards released in LoR so far. In this article, we will be listing all Call of the Mountain cards released so far in Legends of Runeterra that are not from Targon. We will also give a small review on each card.

Non-Targon cards in Call of the Mountain

We’ll discuss all the non-Targon cards region-wise.

Region: Ionia

New Ionia Champion: Lulu

The newest champion for Ionia, Lulu is the first non-Targon addition to the Call of the Mountain cards in Legends of Runeterra. She’s the third support champion in Legends of Runeterra, after Taric and Shen. Her support ability sets a unit’s stats to 4/4 for that round. It’s similar to Suit Up!

Her level 2 form gains +1/+1 (the standard) and now she sets units to 5/5. In addition she generates a Fleeting Help, Pix! card each round start. Help Pix! is a burst speed spell but with the same text as Gem. ”Can’t be cast in combat or response to a spell.”

Lulu is looking like a powerful card. She can use her Support ability to aid fragile allies like Flower Child, Young Witch, and even Tasty Fae folk. And Help, Pix! can be used offensively and defensively.


Now, this is a scary card! For 4 mana, at burst speed, you Silence and reduce a follower’s stats to a 1/1. We feel a little hesitation in saying this is a meta-defining card. Legends of Runeterra doesn’t have much in the way of silence, but this is more than just silence – it sets a unit to a 1/1.

Imagine using this on Grizzled Ranger and then using a simple ping effect. Or using this on a big unit or on They Who Endure as your opponent goes for an Atrocity finish. Lots of uses for this card – as innocent as it looks.


Interestingly, Pix is getting its own card. Another unit with Support, but we’re not so sure about the viability of this card. It’s a 1 mana 0/1, and unlike Young Witch, he doesn’t have elusive to protect him. So more often than not, he’ll simply die for free.

However, you could consider using this card with Lulu herself. Not only is it in flavor, but she would bring his stats from 0/1 to 4/4 or 5/5 if Lulu is leveled up.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain champions cards

Flower Child

Very similar to Greenglade Caretaker, and you could argue weaker. However, both cards are meant for different archetypes, so comparing them isn’t really fair. Flower Child can be a big threat with the right support (pun entirely intended).

Young Witch

People are definitely going to sleep on this one! While its stats are lower than Legion Drummer, she has elusive and gives an additional attack. Young Witch basically creates a scenario where the opponent needs to choose whether to get rid of her or target the bigger threat.

And even if the opponent removes her, you’d be happy if they wasted their Vile Feast or Mystic Shot on this card.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards

Tasty Faefolk

A 3 mana 4/2 with Lifesteal is incredible! It’s essentially a better Deadbloom Wanderer. While this card would be insane in other regions, it’s still a great card.

Fuzzy Caretaker

This is an interesting card. It’s a follower with Support that also benefits from being Supported. Sad to say, but this card doesn’t look very viable. It requires you to have two other units on the board to get his full potential. Furthermore, it’s in the 4 mana spot, which is a competitive spot. It could potentially be used as an aggressive card but it’s uncertain.

Fae Guide

Another powerful follower. The ability to grant elusive (as in permanent) is quite strong, especially since it’s on a 3/3 body. This card might have some trouble being slotted into decks because it competes for the 4 mana spot, which is a competitive spot currently in the game. We do think this card has a lot of potential. Combine this with Swole Squirrel and things get scary!

Swole Squirrel

The one and only Swole Squirrel! Memes aside, we don’t think this card is as bad as most people think. This card actually has a lot of synergy with other cards, such as Dragon’s Rage, Concerted Strike, and is supported by the new Support units. Or you could give it Elusive and go crazy. It might not be a competitive card, but it’s a viable meme card for sure. But who knows, it may be more than that. Never underestimate Swole Squirrel!

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards

Singular Will

It’s quite similar to The Ruination, but the 10 cost really limits its power. Either way, we can see this card seeing play.

Region: Freljord

Let’s talk about the new keyword before we discuss the Freljord cards. The new keyword is called Behold. You get a bonus if you have a type of card in play or hand. It’s a very interesting addition to the game as it can create multiple archetypes on its own. You’ll see a few Behold cards below that were released for the Call of the Mountain expansion in Legends of Runeterra.

New Freljord Champion: Trundle

The new champion for Freljord is none other than the king of trolls! Trundle being a 5 mana 4/6 with Regeneration is quite strong. He creates an Ice Pillar in hand when summoned. And you level him up by playing said Ice Pillar.

Trundle is looking pretty strong in his own archetype. But ramp as a deck has always struggled in Legends of Runeterra. Perhaps Trundle and his pack of trolls is just what ramp needs to become a more viable deck.

Then there’s Ice Pillar. Turn 8 and up, Ice Pillar might as well cost 0, because it refills 8 mana every time you play it. It provides a ton of value by applying Vulnerable to the strongest enemy every round start or when you play it. It looks like it could be a good value generator. You can even use it to block in a pinch. You can even buff it to make it a bigger threat if you want.

Augur of the Old Ones

This card might actually have a bigger impact on the meta than Trundle himself. Imagine giving Vi Overwhelm and Regeneration? That alone might win you the match. It is conditional, as it requires you to Behold an 8+ card.


We don’t see this card getting anywhere. 8 mana to deal 3 damage to everything? You might as well just run Avalanche. True, this card also lowers the power of all units by 3, but we have a hard time finding a situation where that would help. And remember, it costs 8 mana, so in a lot of situations that’ll be your whole turn.

You could use it off of a second Trundle in hand (as it is Trundle’s signature spell), but running this card in your actual deck might be a waste.

Revitalizing Roar

A decent heal effect, especially when Enlightened. Oddly, this card is 7 mana. You would think it would be 8 to go with the other troll cards, as a lot of them have ”Behold an 8+ card” on them. Could it be that this card was too strong at 8 mana? Or could it have been too weak?

Either way, if the meta has a few aggressive decks, this card is a good choice to run. But you’ll have to survive past turn 10, because this card is pretty awful without the Enlightened effect.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards

Troll Scavenger

It’s basically Patrol Wardens with an easier condition. Yeah, not very exciting, is it? Will probably see play here and there if the meta is particularly centered on tempo, but otherwise will probably be just an okay card.

Faces of the Old Ones

So far the only ramp support card revealed. It gives you an extra mana gem each round if you Behold an 8+ card. It’s a better Wyrding Stones in our opinion. It comes out a turn earlier, and the earlier you ramp, the better.

Freljord cards

Uzgar the Ancient

Very slow card. Challenger and Regeneration is a great combination of keywords, but on an 8 mana card it’s really slow. But then again, if you play this in a ramp deck, you could drop this a turn or two sooner. Perhaps you could combine it with Stormclaw Ursine to give it overwhelm.

Troll Ravager

Another Behold an 8+ cost card. It’s good! 4 mana 3/5 with Regeneration if you get the Behold bonus. That’s a sticky unit that is especially good at blocking aggressive decks. The 5 health makes it hard for aggressive decks to get rid of it, and the 3 attack ensures that Troll Ravager takes down a lot of aggro options. Plus it can block Fearsome units. A solid defensive card that will definitely see play if the meta is too aggressive.

Call the Wild

Well this is a pleasant surprise. Not many people expected support for Poros, Elnuks, or Yetis… And yet we did for all three, packaged into a single card. Not going to lie, this is most likely a meme card. It’s unlikely that this will help Elnuks enough. It could, however, bring Poros up, and maybe make Yetis a real deck.

Troll Chant

Fantastic card! For 2 mana you can affect the outcome of two separate fights, or swing a single fight heavily in your favor. There’s not much to say about this card. It’s just great value for 2 mana.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards

Region: Shadow Isles

New Keyword: Nightfall

The new keyword is something we have seen in cards games before. Cards gain a bonus if they are not the first card played that round.

New Shadow Isles Champion: Nocturne

The latest addition to the Call of the Mountain cards in Legends of Runeterra is none other than new Shadow Isles champion is Nocturne and he’s giving some strength to the somewhat dead Fearsome archetype. He brings a lot of value (as well as a threat) to the board in his level 1 form. He is a 5/3 so if he hits the nexus it will hurt. And he grants an enemy Vulnerable and gives all enemies -1 attack.

While Nocturne looks pretty scary (pun intended), he does have a sizable weakness. Being a 3 health unit makes him easy to remove by a lot of spells in the game, and any unit that has 3 attack will take him down.

But Ashe is a 5/3 too and she’s great. True, but Ashe is in Freljord, a region with a good few defensive tools and combat tricks. Shadow Isles has little to no defensive spells or combat tricks. Speaking of Ashe, Nocturne’s leveled up form is quite similar to hers, as he essentially tries to make the enemy unable to block and thus win the game with a big push.

Nocturne and his archetype have potential. It all comes down to what other Nightfall cards will be added. We expect Targon to get some later down the line.

Unspeakable Horror

Nocturne’s signature spell. It’s very similar to Vile Feast, but it can target the nexus and has the capacity to generate some value. Not a bad card at all. Can definitely replace Vile Feast in certain metas and strategies.

Shroud of Darkness

It’s safe to say this card was made to trigger Nightfall effects. And it’s pretty good at doing that. This could go great with Elusive units or, as mentioned, to trigger Nightfall effects.

Stalking Shadows

Tricky card to evaluate. You would really have to build around this card in order to make it good, or else you’d be paying 2 mana to do nothing. It’s also a decent card to trigger Nightfall effects. We could see this card primarily in aggro decks.

Risen Mists

Mistwraith support… Did anyone expect that? It’s actually an okay card even outside a Mistwraith centered deck. It’s a 4 mana burst spell that summons a unit, so you can use it without passing the action to your opponent.

Stygian Onlooker

We think this card is underrated. Sure, it’s not great, but it’s a good card to support Nocturne. And it is pretty decent as an aggro card. Funnily, if you have Warning Shot on turn one with this card and you’re attacking, you could actually do 5 nexus damage right off the bat.


This card is so awkward to rate. It’s a 3 mana 3/2 that more often than not will cost even more to get the Nightfall effect. So the question becomes: is the Nightfall effect worth it? Possibly. Draining two from the enemy nexus is not bad, especially since there is very little your opponent can do to stop you. This card will probably end up in most, if not all Nocturne decks. It provides some healing along with some damage.


This is a card we are not very optimistic about. But then again, it could be used in a similar fashion to They Who Endure. Get its attack really high and then use Atrocity on the enemy nexus. This opens the possibility to use another region for this combo other than Freljord. But that’s all we can think of. Perhaps if there is a lack of Nightfall cards, it could be slotted in to make up for it.

Passage Unearned

It’s a tech card that’s heavily meta dependent. There’s not much else to say. Although it’s odd that they added this card to Shadow Isles when it looks like it would counter Shadow Isles.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards

Encroaching Shadows

An all-in card that would definitely be used in aggro decks. It could see some use in Ephemeral decks but it’s hard to say currently. We think it has a lot of potential despite looking like a meme card.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards

Region: Piltover and Zaun

Poro Cannon

More Poro support cards. Honestly, this card wouldn’t be half-bad outside of Poro decks. What’s cool about this card is that it technically doesn’t cost anything. You trade two cards for two, you keep all the mana you have, and it doesn’t count as an action because it’s a burst speed spell. But is adding two Daring Poros to your hand even worth it? We’ll have to try it out and see.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards

Tri-Beam Improbulator

Piltover and Zaun really loves its strange cards. Despite its bizarre effect, this card can prove to be competitive. If you power it up once, it’s okay. If you power it up twice, it’s above average. And if you manage to power it up three times, it’s actually kind of crazy.

Region: Demacia

Screeching Dragon

Slightly lower stats for the mana cost, but boasting both Challenger and Fury is pretty big. Unfortunately, it looks like Demacia won’t be getting much Dragon synergy this time around. But this card can hold its own even without it.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards

For the Fallen

We actually got Elite support. Not going to lie, we often forget Elites are even a thing. And this card doesn’t seem strong enough to bring the archetype up, unfortunately. It’s just a niche board refill. Not necessarily bad, but nothing to go crazy about.

Region: Noxus

Basilisk Bloodseeker

It’s like Noxus’ version of Riptide Rex, but not nearly as powerful. Could see play in aggro decks, or perhaps as a combo with Braum, or to level the likes of Swain or Vladimir.


Insane card! It’s basically a stronger Relentless Pursuit! Thankfully, there are counters to it and it’s slow speed. We can see Darius decks make a resurgence with this card.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards

Region: Bilgewater

Jack, the Winner

Premier stats for the mana cost and provides a card every Round Start. Definitely good in discard decks and possibly aggro decks.

Monkey Business

Will most likely only see play in decks that aim to level up Gangplank or Sejuani quickly. Aside from that, there isn’t much use to this card.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain cards bilgewater

We’ll continue to update this article with further non-Targon cards as they are revealed for the Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain expansion, so stay tuned!

What are your thoughts about the cards for Call of the Mountain expansion in Legends of Runeterra? Let us know in the comment section below!

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