LEGO Hill Climb Adventures opens up for pre-registration on Android and iOS

Gear up for some action!

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures is a new racing title in the popular Hill Climb Racing series, brought to you by Fingersoft. The game, LEGO Hill Climb Adventures is now available for Pre-registration via the official app stores for both Android and iOS after spending more than a year in the soft launch.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures will aim to deliver the same Hill climb racing excitement but with a LEGO twist

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures will bring the best of both worlds, Hill Climb Racing and LEGO. The game will feature a variety of race tracks and vehicles for you to choose from. In the game, you can select from a variety of Hill Climb Racing and LEGO vehicles and climb the classic Climb Canyon hills.

The gameplay of the game has a mix of both worlds, there are races and tracks from the Hill climb racing and also the twist with exploration and story for you to explore as the game progresses. There will be unique NPCs from the LEGO universe each of whom will be having unique missions and tasks for you to complete, with each task accomplished the storyline will progress, thus adding content for you in the game.

Vehicles in the game are perfectly customizable too, with a variety of powerups available in the game to give a temporary boost to your gameplay. Collect coins and bricks scattered throughout the levels to permanently boost the power of your vehicles.

LEGO® Hill Climb Adventures pre-registration, LEGO® Hill Climb Adventures
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Vehicles can also be combined with gadgets to make sure that the tracks can be mastered rather easily. The tracks in the game have their secrets and as you race on them you might stumble across some pathways that might hold extra points and rewards for you in the game. Each gadget brings something different to the table, hence it is essential to combine them perfectly, as per your needs in the race.

The game is now open for pre-registration across both Android and iOS

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures is now available for pre-registration for both Android and iOS. If you are interested in the game, be sure to register via Google Play and the App Stores. On another note, if you do not know already, the developers are also in the process of making the next iteration of the Hill Climb Racing series, that is Hill Climb Racing 3.

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