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Life Makeover crosses 8 million pre-registrations worldwide

The Stunning Beauty and Fashion Simulation game has grabbed much attention.

Archosaur GamesLife Makeover promotional video (PV) has received a lot of attention. 8 million pre-registrations have been done for Life Makeover, a game powered by Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and featuring magnificent console-quality graphics.

Life Makeover boasts console-quality AAA graphics and gameplay

The PV features a variety of stunning costumes, ranging from a light sheer dress with pearls to cyberpunk streetwear to classic attire, all of which look just like genuine clothes. The texture of the clothing in the PV changes depending on the lighting. Pearls in gowns, for example, cast a subtle light, whilst gauze shimmers and metal accessories gleam brightly. When you zoom in close enough, you can see the stitching on the gowns, which is really realistic.

Life Makeover graphics
Image via Archosaur Games

The game has high-resolution clothes thanks to Multiple UV Channels and Detail Texture. Shader creates incredibly intricate and lifelike fabrics. No matter how complex the patterns are, they may all be seen in the game. Apart from delicate embroideries and texture, there are fluffy outfits, which are rarely seen in other games.

Experience console quality 300,000-facet models in the game

Life Makeover focuses on models rather than gorgeous clothing. Skins appear realistic and translucent thanks to Screen Space Subsurface Scattering. Under the skin, even microscopic blood vessels can be visible.

Life Makeover realistic skin
Image via Archosaur Games

Hair, regardless of hue or style, is realistic and shiny thanks to diffuse reflection, reflection, and transmission. Even under a backlight, the halo in fluffy hair may be seen, which was previously only visible in the real world. Players can even color different areas of their hair in order to experiment with alternative looks.

Life Makeover is the first UE4-powered fashion dress-up game from Archosaur Games

Archosaur Games’ Life Makeover is a groundbreaking product. It’s the first fashion dress-up game powered by UE4 for fashionistas. The game allows users to DIY clothing and textiles, resulting in many fashion designs, thanks to its technological prowess, excellent fashion perception, and high level of freedom. Players interested in Life Makeover can pre-register from the official website.

What are your thoughts as Life Makeover crosses 8 million pre-registrations worldwide? Let us know in the comments below!

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