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LifeAfter Season 4 introduces its latest chapter titled Deadly Blossom along with new content

A New Battle for Survival Challenge of Plant x Zombie!

On April 28, 2022, the open-world doomsday survival game LifeAfter begins a new chapter – Deadly Blossom, adding fresh material to the Battle for Survival! Even fully blossomed flowers might signal peril in the doomsday world. After the fatal flowers, unspeakable horrors awaited! Mankind and the Revenant are once again in peril. The plot of Heimdall is going to be unveiled!

Log in to claim free limited frames and rich materials throughout the event, and perform activities to get a limited rucksack! PVE material is released in phases. Challenge the advanced levels Perilous Peak and Beginning in the mysterious new realm Gem Cove. Meanwhile, new level caps for Survivor, Manor, and Camp have been added, as well as a brand-new Gear called Tactical Belt.

New chapter Deadly Blossom begins another Battle for survival with a new challange

The new Season 4 chapter, The 2nd Outbreak, sets off another Battle for Survival, delivering a fresh Plant x Zombie survival challenge.  Locals of Miska were supposed to escape the town when bat monsters appeared out of nowhere, and some of them perished in a strange stiff state.

Survivors were sent to look into it, only to discover a Bud Nest region releasing mephitic smoke. The Bud Nest poisons have no effect on Revenants, which has sparked human skepticism and created a divide between humans and Revenants.  At the same time, additional rumors of conspiracies are surfacing.

A new Battle for Survival—Dark Nest has begun. Survivors will have to discover the secrets of the unusual Bud Nest. Log in to claim free limited frames and rich resources during the event, and perform activities to get a limited backpack.

LifeAfter introduces a new map with new stages, and a richer PVE experience

LifeAfter is bringing new PVE content in addition to the new Battle for Survival! Survivors may now access Gem Cove, a mysterious new area. Locals in Gem Cove are reputed to have created a secret vault and hidden valuables within when the old-world virus broke out. They were, however, all slaughtered before they could flee. The treasures are becoming a legend as the parts of the vault key scatter. Survivors have now arrived at the majestic and perilous Gem Cove to seek buried riches.

Stages of development Survivors can also access Perilous Peak and Beginning. Discover the past of the first generation Dawn Break members by climbing to the summit of the oxygen-depleted snow mountain; light the oil lantern and search the hazy Cemetery for clues to the Source. The Survivors’ quest continues.

With new challenges come new war preparation upgrades

Upgraded challenges necessitate a War Preparation upgrade. A new level cap update for Survivors is now available. The three Mastery Level Caps have been raised to 130, and the Manor Level Cap has been raised to 26. In May, the camp will enter the Quantum Period, which will provide more unique resources and camp technology. The “Tactical Belt” is a new piece of gear that delivers varied advantages when combined with different Chips.

Are you excited for the new chapter of LifeAfter Season 4, Deadly Blossom? Let us know in the comments below!

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