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LifeAfter Spring Festival event released with a series of rich rewards in the game

Experience authentic Chinese Spring Festival in Doomsday World!

LifeAfter Spring Festival event has been announced to commemorate the 2022 Spring Festival. Players will have to sign up for free Outfits by logging into the game. Beginning January 31, 2022, the new Dual Player mini-games will be accessible for a limited time.

A selection of limited-edition Spring-Festival-themed outfits will be available at this event. Sky Gift Box, Super Prize Pool, and Fusion Chance UP are just a few of the perks. Fighting off unique Infected in the Spring Festival Hunt will also uncover lucrative prizes. In the Doomsday World, join hands with companions and use exciting combat to drive away the chilly winter.

Since its inception in 2018, LifeAfter has accumulated over 200 million registered gamers throughout the world. Players must collect materials, build houses, craft tools, and weapons from scratch while battling with friends to create and defend a home in a post-apocalyptic environment with scant resources, severe weather, and hazardous wildlife. Since the start of Season 4 on November 4, players have been thrust into a more urgent, brutal, and realistic apocalypse world, where odd occurrences abound.

Experience authentic Chinese Spring Festival in LifeAfter

Spring Festival is a Chinese holiday that celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The Year of the Tiger will begin on February 1, 2022, when the sun rises. People would clean their homes, put on new clothes, eat excellent cuisine, visit relatives and friends, and send gifts and blessings to one another during the Spring Festival.

In the Year of the Tiger, the new event of LifeAfter will focus on the Chinese Spring Festival, introducing a plethora of events and products with a Spring Festival theme, providing players with a real Chinese Spring Festival experience in the Doomsday World.

LifeAfter Spring Festival event features tons of amazing gifts and benefits for the players

To celebrate the impending Spring Festival, LifeAfter has organized a number of beneficial activities for Survivors. The Spring Festival Sign-In event will begin on January 27. Using consecutive sign-ins, players can acquire the limited Year of the Tiger Outfit for free. The Sky Gift Box event will run from January 31 to February 6, with a gift carnival arriving in Hope 101 and camp, as well as gift boxes falling from the sky that provides a lot of Mastery.

In addition, completing specific daily objectives in Hope 101 will reward players with a unique gift known as the “Spring Festival Picture Fragment.” Players will be able to unlock the Spring Festival Lucky Bag after 8 p.m. If players collect five Spring Festival Picture Fragments on January 31st, they will be eligible for the treasured gifts.

Players will get to play and fight Special Infected in the new dual player mini games

As a pleasant surprise, the new two-player mini-games are arriving in Doomsday World. Survivors can play eight exciting mini-games from January 31 to February 5 namely Zero-G Spree, Mad Dash, Snow Clearing, Charge, Snowball Fight, Gifts Galore, Sledding Joy, and Raging Sails.

LIfeAfter dual player mini games
Image via NetEase

While the Survivors are immersed in mirth, crises are approaching. At 8 p.m. on January 30, February 6, and February 13, Heimdall will release a special Infected to attack the Doomsday World. Players will have to fight off the special Infected Boss and unlock the Airdrop supply rewards.

LifeAfter Spring Festival event features new outfits for players to enjoy

Three new Spring Festival-themed Outfits will be released for a limited period to commemorate the Year of the Tiger’s Spring Festival! Tiger Festivity is the first, with a brilliant yellow tone, fluffy accessories, and cute tiger-themed Headwear. The second, Tiger Paws, takes the concept of a tiger to its logical conclusion. The one-piece with tiger gloves and tiger claw shoes transforms the wearer into an adorable and dignified king of beasts.

LifeAfter Spring festival event new costume
Image via NetEase

The Tiger Festivity Collector’s Edition, meanwhile, caters to Survivors who enjoy wearing lavish outfits. It is decorated with creative butterfly and flower decorations and has gorgeous gold, crimson, and black color tones. Arguably the very first gown of the year 2022. In addition, the previous year’s exclusive Collector’s Outfit “Lucky Ox” will be available again. Those who were unable to receive it last year can now do so in this upcoming event.

Are you excited about the LifeAfter Spring Festival event? Let us know in the comments below!

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