Little Big Robots is a new mobile shooter, now available on Android and iOS

War Robots Universe welcomes new dynamic shooter for mobile devices

MY.GAMES introduces its third installment in the War Robots Universe – Little Big Robots. This mobile action shooter, crafted by the Pixonic group, is presently available worldwide on both the App Store and Google Play platforms. Representing a fresh dimension within the War Robots franchise, Little Big Robots offers a blend of casual accessibility and profound engagement.

The development of the game is led by a distinct unit within Pixonic, comprising both veterans from the original War Robots creation and novel talents. A consistent trajectory of enhancements, gameplay modes, and robotic additions is anticipated for the game’s future.

Little Big Robots reimagines the multiplayer shooter genre

In Little Big Robots, a well-established category of multiplayer shooters is approached from a novel perspective. Recognizable robotic figures are presented in an unforeseen manner within this game. The recently launched title possesses its own distinct flair and atmosphere.

Little Big Robots
Image via MY.GAMES

While the original War Robots and its sequel, War Robots: Frontiers, adhere to a more traditional and serious science fiction backdrop, Little Big Robots opts for a notably more laid-back and vibrant ambiance. This characteristic makes it suitable for various kinds of players, allowing them to relish the experience with companions, family, and individuals spanning the globe.

Within the game, the mechs serve a purpose beyond combat; they exude an endearing and lively quality (though they remain colossal and heavily armed). The assortment of mechs to select from includes bipedal, quadrupedal, and even airborne variants. Some may trigger memories from the original War Robots, while others present an entirely fresh presence.

Little Big Robots focuses on fun and entertainment

The act of constructing in-game entities holds a crucial role within the War Robots series, and this custom carries forth in this game. Each robotic unit within the game possesses distinct capabilities and can be outfitted with an array of armaments including shotguns, machine guns, grenades, and rockets, fostering the creation of numerous unique combinations. Furthermore, this isn’t a matter of selecting just one configuration: participants have the freedom to select up to five different robots for each engagement.

Little Big Robots gameplay
Image via MY.GAMES

The game extends a diverse array of modes suitable for various skill tiers, catering to those who enjoy solitary play or cooperative gameplay. Whether one prefers engaging in 4v4 skirmishes or testing their fate in the newly introduced Battle Royale mode — an innovation in the War Robots series — the options are plentiful.

Every game map features concealed passageways and elements that can be demolished, granting players the opportunity to exercise their strategic acumen fully. From demolishing walls to utilizing vertical firing tactics and exploiting natural cover, players can employ their wits to the maximum. Nonetheless, despite the significance of individual proficiency, the game’s primary focus is on delivering an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

Unleash the future of robotic warfare with 20 unique units and countless weapons

Upon its initial release, Little Big Robots presents players with a selection of 20 distinct robotic units and approximately 25 corresponding weapons. This assortment is complemented by an assortment of gaming modes and maps, serving as a mere starting point.

In the foreseeable future, the game has plans to introduce additional robotic units, modes, and features, encompassing events, leaderboards, tournaments, and expanded customization choices. The game is now available for dowload on Android and iOS.

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