Little Big Workshop opens for pre-registrations on Android and iOS

Enjoy the thrill of managing a miniature factory in the palm of your hand!

The critically acclaimed factory management game Little Big Workshop, which was previously only available for PC and consoles, will launch on mobile devices on June 13 and is now available for pre-registration. Little Big Workshop, the simulation game created by Mirage Game Studios, lets you take on the role of a factory tycoon, controlling your staff, equipment, and production lines to produce a wide range of goods for clients.

Little Big Workshop brings over 50 unique product types built from multiple parts and pieces

In Little Big Workshop, you begin with a little workshop and gradually grow it into a sizable factory that produces hundreds of cutting-edge products every day. To satisfy the needs of your customers, you can alter the layout of your factory, hire and train new employees, buy and upgrade equipment, and build productive production lines. No two factories should ever look the same because there are over 50 different product categories that are each constructed from a variety of parts and pieces.

Little Big Workshop pre-registration
Image via Mirage Game Studios

Little Big Workshop is a free-form sandbox environment where you may experiment with various materials and manufacturing processes to design the things of your dreams. As you work to increase revenues and expand your company, you can deliver goods to customers and a dynamic market. Players of all ages and ability levels can enjoy Little Big Workshop because to its endearing graphics, soothing soundtrack, and simple controls.

Little Big Workshop will be available for pre-order and pre-registration on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Samsung Galaxy Store starting today, May 9th. The game will launch on mobile devices on June 13th, priced at USD 9.99 / € 9,99 / £ 8.49.

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