LongLeaf Valley announces successful planting of 1 million trees through players’ action

The studio demonstrates how gaming can be a force for good with tangible impact on the environment

TreesPlease Games, a studio established in 2019 to create impactful games beneficial for the environment, is currently marking a significant milestone. In their inaugural title, Longleaf Valley, players have collectively planted over 1 million trees through their actions. This accomplishment not only signifies the offsetting of carbon emissions equivalent to over 5,600 cars but also positions Longleaf Valley as the first mobile puzzle game to achieve such a feat.

Longleaf Valley launches environmental mission

In 2023, Longleaf Valley debuts with a Play It, Plant It concept. The gaming experience calls upon participants to rejuvenate a once-thriving National Park ravaged by environmental calamities and climate shifts. By engaging in merge-style gameplay, players address the park’s deterioration by combining various elements: seeds into seedlings, seedlings into saplings, and saplings into trees, among others.

LongLeaf Valley MillionTrees Leaderboards
Image via TreesPlease Games

Through tree planting, players not only restore the virtual park’s vitality but also contribute to real-life tree-planting endeavors, facilitated by the Eden Reforestation Project. Trees are strategically planted across African, Asian, and Latin American regions, fostering employment opportunities for local communities and safeguarding numerous wildlife species. These outcomes underscore the transformative potential of gaming: minimal player input yields substantial environmental benefits.

TreesPlease Games pioneers positive climate impact in the gaming industry

TreesPlease Games, which emerged from stealth mode in 2023 after its establishment in 2019, is observing consistent and encouraging growth in player numbers for its game LongLeaf Valley. With a total of $8 million raised in investment rounds, the team comprises 15 experts in free-to-play and casual gaming, spearheaded by CEO and co-founder Laura Carter.

They are dedicated to leveraging the influence of the gaming industry to foster positive change. Carter, who brings extensive experience from her roles at NaturalMotion, Square Enix, and Playstation, harbors a personal dedication to environmental preservation and animal welfare. As the pioneering studio prioritizing positive climate impact in gaming, they envision a future where games play a crucial role in safeguarding the planet and its biodiversity.

Longleaf Valley players will be rewarded for planting 1 million trees

TreesPlease Games extends an invitation to players of Longleaf Valley, urging them to embark on an extraordinary journey spanning from February 19 to March 18, as they commemorate a significant milestone. Every player is promised a unique Reward upon planting 1 million trees. Moreover, participants have the opportunity to engage in the inaugural Treellionaire Cup leaderboard, vying for the chance to both win and contribute to real-world tree-planting initiatives.

LongLeaf Valley
Image via TreesPlease Games

Longleaf Valley experiences continuous expansion as players gear up to sow more trees. Future updates and developmental plans are in the pipeline, aimed at amplifying the game’s impact and supporting its existing player base. Players can anticipate a plethora of forthcoming events, leaderboards, innovative features, and environmentally beneficial content, all crafted to nurture a brighter, more sustainable future.

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