Love and Deepspace begins its closed beta test for Android in select region

Love is within closer reach than ever before

Papergames is thrilled to reveal the commencement of the exclusive Closed Beta Test for its immersive 3D simulation game, Love and Deepspace. This limited test offers Android users in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Indonesia an early opportunity to experience the much-anticipated game, unveiled in November as the newest addition to the beloved Mr. Love series. Scheduled from December 15th at 11:00 to December 21st at 23:59 (UTC+8), the Closed Beta Test introduces players to the semi-realistic world of Love and Deepspace. The game is set to launch globally on January 18, 2024.

Embark on an Epic Adventure in Love and Deepspace closed beta test

Love and Deepspace beckon individuals to uncover the enigma behind an unusual signal that sparked widespread intrigue, inspiring a quest to venture into the depths of the cosmos and unveil civilizations yet undiscovered in the distant future. However, not all societies are hospitable, especially those teeming with perilous entities known as ‘Wanderers.’

The responsibility falls upon the player, assuming the role of a renowned Deepspace Hunter affiliated with the Hunters Association, to cleanse the galaxy of these adversaries. Supported by allies Xavier, a seasoned Deepspace Hunter, Rafayel, an impassioned artist, and Zayne, a skilled cardiac surgeon, what was once a seemingly ordinary existence will be tumultuously disrupted as a childhood terror resurfaces a decade later.

Experience next-level gaming with Love and Deepspace’s real-time 3D interactions

Love and Deepspace introduces 3D artwork aimed at refreshing the visual aspect for players seeking a departure from the prevalent 2D animations found in mobile dating games. The game employs impactful, immersive, and story-aligned 3D art, ensuring realistic interactions whether on a Linkon City Arcade date or capturing moments through selfies. The real-time 3D rendering guarantees lifelike experiences, enhancing the gaming journey with an advanced allure.

Loaded with engaging cutscenes and intricately woven storylines, Love and Deepspace place players at the core of the action. Offering numerous appearance options and a vast array of makeup choices in the customization suite, players can delve into a deeply personalized experience.

Pre-registration for the game’s January 18, 2024 launch is currently underway on both the App Store and Google Play. Exclusive pre-registration rewards are on display for early sign-ups. Enrolling now grants players an exclusive in-game title, ‘First Deepspace Explorer,’ showcasing their dedication to Love and Deepspace.

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