Magic Jigsaw Puzzles introduces the new Leagues feature in its latest update

The American mobile game developer and publisher ZiMAD introduces Leagues feature to its flagship project Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, adding a competitive element to the legendary puzzle game.

Leagues are the first competitive activity to be introduced in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

The first competitive feature in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is leagues, which allow players to compete with one another to solve puzzles. The objective is to put together as many puzzle pieces as you can in a set amount of time while outperforming other players’ results.

Each stage lasts many days with the gamers getting a terrific chance to demonstrate their puzzle-solving abilities with this. Players with high scores gain access to additional Leagues where they can win even more lucrative rewards in addition to receiving money and boosters.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Leagues feature
Image via ZiMAD

Players compete against more experienced opponents who have successfully finished earlier phases in the Leagues of higher levels. This presents an additional challenge, encouraging participants to achieve improved outcomes. They must, however, remain vigilant because there’s always a chance to lag behind because winners never stop moving! This adds a surprise factor and keeps the game’s intensity high.

Currently, there are five Leagues available. And for those who complete them in no time, the devs are coming up to prepare Leagues for super professionals soon.

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