Marvel Snap Guardian’s Greatest Hit Season update: New Locations, Characters and more

Marvel Snap has just come up with the newest and the most fascinating season update, Guardian’s Greatest Hit. The season is solely based upon Guardians of the Galaxy and thus the month of May is specifically the best possible month due to the release of Guardians of Galaxy 3 from MCU in the theatres that will surely hype up the fans over the game as well.

Marvel Snap introduces Nebula in this new season

Fans eagerly anticipated the Nebula card because it was one of the most anticipated ones. Finally, the Season Pass reward card for Nebula has been made available. It has a 1/1 Cost and Power as well as an exceptional ability.

Marvel Snap Nebula release
Image via Nuverse

List of brand new Series 5 Cards

For this season, here is the list of cards that are being enrolled over Series 5 cards along with their release dates:

1. Iron Lad

The top card in your deck’s text is copied by the 4-cost, 6-power Iron Lad card. This makes him a fantastic complement to any Lockjaw deck because it allows any card’s ability—even super-powerful ones like Kang or Ultron—to be played a little bit earlier.

2. Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck, a 1-cost, 2-power card with the following effect: Ongoing, is also coming this month. To view the top card in your deck, tap here. This card gives you more control over how you interact with the layout of your deck when used with cards like Iron Lad.

3. High Evolutionary

The High Evolutionary, a 4-cost, 7-power card that enhances all of your deck’s unachievable cards, comes next. Due to the fact that it contains cards like Shocker and Cyclops and will gain new abilities when the High Evolutionary is played, it would go perfectly with Patriot decks.

4. The Living Tribunal

Last but not least, The Living Tribunal is a 6-cost, 4-power card that, at the end of the game, distributes power equally across all three locations. In other words, you may double down on one position and use a tonne of multiplier cards, like Black Panther, Wong, and Iron Man, to gain a tonne of power there and win all three.

Following is the list of dates on which players can expect the release of these cards over the Collection Level:

  • 9th May: Iron Lad – Series 5
  • 16th May: Howard the Duck – Series 5
  • 23rd May: High Evolutionary – Series 5
  • 30th May: The Living Tribunal – Series 5

These cards will appear in Token Shop and Collection Level respectively. Players over Collection Level 486+ will get easy access to these cards.

Marvel Snap introduces two new locations in this Marvel Snap Guardian’s Greatest Hit update

Just like every season, Marvel Snap came up with two new locations for the players with the launch of this new season as well. These two new locations are as follows:

  • Milano – Turn 5 is the only turn when cards can be played here.
  • Deep Space – on Reveal, abilities will not happen over this location.
Marvel Snap Guardian’s Greatest Hit update
Image via Nuverse

Alongside this, Marvel Snap introduces new Season Variants for various cards, and thus here is the list of them:

  • Nova
  • Thanos
  • Nebula
  • Iron Lad
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Howard the Duck
  • Thor
  • High Evolutionary
  • Yondu
  • Mantis
  • Baron Mordo
  • Super Skull
  • The Living Tribunal

For this new season, there are some of fantastic bundles that will be also witnessed by the players, these are:

Beautiful Beyond Compare – $99.99

  • The Collector Flaviano Variant
  • The Collector Flaviano Avatar
  • 10,000 Collector’s Token
  • 500 Credits
  • 500 Gold
  • 310 The Collector Flaviano Boosters

I am Groot – 2900 Gold

  • I am Groot Variant
  • I am Groot Avatar
  • I am Groot Title
  • 4,000 Credits
  • 465 Groot Boosters

Spoonful of Sugar – $9.99

  • Mystery Variant
  • 500 Collector’s Token
  • 500 Gold

Chibis of the Galaxy – 5900 Gold

  • Star-Lord Chibi, Gamora Chibi and Drax Chibi Variant
  • Star-Lord Chibi, Gamora Chibi and Drax Chibi Avatar
  • “Who?” Title
  • 6,500 Credits
  • 310 Boosters for Star-Lord Chibi, Gamora Chibi, and Drax Chibi

Artist Showcase: Ivan Tao – 5000 Gold

  • Thor Venomized and Lady Sif Venomized Variant
  • Thor Venomized and Lady Sif Venomized Avatar
  • 3,000 Credits
  • 155 Boosters for Thor Venomized and Lady Sif Venomized

Trash Panda – $29.99

  • Rocket Raccoon Chibi Variant
  • Rocket Raccoon Chibi Avatar
  • “Don’t call me Raccoon” Title
  • 1,000 Credit
  • 3,000 Gold

Get a Leg Up – 2000 Gold

  • Mystery Variant
  • 1,000 Collector’ Point
  • 500 Credits

That’s all about the Marvel Snap Guardian’s Greatest Hit season update.

What are your thoughts about the Marvel Snap Guardian’s Greatest Hit Season update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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