Marvel Snap introduces a new location Milano to its collection

Turn 5 is the only turn cards that can be played here

Locations are one of the key factors in Marvel Snap and thus players must always be focused on the locations before playing a card. There are tons of locations present over the game but yet again, Marvel Snap comes up with a new location for the players. Let us know more about the new location Milano, its ability, and whether it will help out players or not in Marvel Snap. 

Milano is a last-moment key to win for the players in Marvel Snap

The new update has come up with a brand new location for the players of Marvel Snap. Milano is the location that can help out players to win the round at the very last moment because of its ability. Milano has the ability that allows players to play cards at this location only on the 5th turn of the game. This explains that if a player lacks in any one of the remaining two locations, then Milano is the only chance for them to win.

Players need to be careful about the cards they play over here at the 5th turn. As this location allows players to play cards only at a particular turn, it will be beneficial if players play 2 to 3 cards with 5 points, anyone having a winning ability such as Captain America, Racoon, and so on.

Marvel Snap location Milano
Image via Nuverse

As the card is a new release it will have a chance of 50% to pop up over every match so that players can get used to it. The card is mainly released by focusing on the new season, Guardian’s Greatest Hits and reminds the players about the voyage of the Guardians at this location. 

Final Thoughts

Guardian’s Greatest Hits is so far having a great season with amazing updates. Marvel Snap has come up with brand new locations after a long wait and thus yet this month has a lot to come yet such as brand-new cards and variants. Thus, enjoy the brand new features that are coming, and stay tuned with us to know more about the remaining things to come to you.

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