Marvel Snap Season 6 Warriors of Wakanda: New Locations, Cosmetics and more

The newest content update for Marvel Snap has been released. Marvel Snap includes pools of Card with a Marvel theme. A new card, a new season pass, new locales, and a soft rank reset are all added in the Marvel Snap Season 6 Warriors of Wakanda season. New card types and currency prizes are also included with the season pass.

Bunch of new rewards will be available in the Marvel Snap Season 6 Warriors of Wakanda Season Pass

A single Season Pass for Marvel Snap is divided into free and premium variants. The current season of Warriors of Wakanda will end on December 5, 2022. Black Panther is the season’s main addition. Black Panther has four power and uses five energy. The power of the card will be doubled by Black Panther’s On Reveal power.

The Black Panther card is the biggest new addition. He has four Power, five Energy to play him, and an On Reveal ability that doubles his Power. Nothing particularly amazing on his own, but the possibilities are intriguing when paired with cards that activate On Reveal abilities. Owners of the Premium Season Pass can also anticipate exclusive variant cards for Okoye, Nakia, and Black Panther.

Marvel Snap Season 6 Warriors of Wakanda
Image via Nuverse

    Numerous recurring benefits, including as money and boosters, are included in the new Season Pass. Okoye and Nakia are available in the regular card pool, leaving Black Panther as the lone card that is locked to the season pass. If you are a committed Marvel Snap player and desire the new Black Panther card, the resources for each level will make purchasing the Season Pass worthwhile. A casual player can ignore the premium version, though.

    Four new Wakandan locations will be added in this update

    All gamers will also face challenges in a few brand-new areas. To spice up the fights, the rotation will be expanded to include Shuri’s Lab, Warrior Falls, Vibranium Mines, and Wakandan Throne. We’ll have to wait and watch how things turn out as most of these consequences haven’t been made public yet.

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