Marvel Snap to bring Series Drop in the upcoming March 2023 update

Create a strong team with the best cards!

Marvel Snap has started to drop ranks of some of the best cards in the game so that players can get them and make one of the finest deck of cards they dream of. In a recent tweet, Marvel Snap announced some of the cards that are going to drop their series ranks in the upcoming update which is expected to get released before March 6, 2023. 

Marvel Snap March 2023 Series Drop Card List 

Marvel Snap mainly drops down the ranks of the best cards in March 2023 update, so that they can become more accessible for the players. The officials have already announced the expected cards that are going to get a drop in their series.

From the end months of 2022, Marvel Snap decided to go on working on dropping down a series of cards at the beginning of every new season. Thus, for this season Marvel Snap has decided on a few cards from the 5th series and 4th series which are going to drop down into the 4th and 3rd series respectively. As per the latest reports, here are the cards which are going to drop down from the 5th series to the 4th series:

  1. Silver Surfer
  2. Knull
  3. Darkhawk
Marvel Snap Series Drop March 2023
Marvel Snap announces Series Drop March 2023 update (Image via Nuverse)

The cards which are going to drop down from the 4th series to the 3rd series are:

  1. Maria Hill
  2. Agent Coulson
  3. Helicarrier

This drop-down has a great potential to boost up the usage of these powerful cards and thus the battle between players will become much more interesting than before. Players can easily get these cards after they have reached Collection Level 400.

The decision of dropping down some of the cards from the side of Marvel Snap has helped a lot to the players. Thus, these are the cards that are going to have a drop-down in their series. The list of cards is one of the finest cards considered in the game and thus the new series drop-down will help a lot of players build up a great team. Keep checking back here for more information regarding the impending update and the new season that will begin on March 6, 2023.

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