Micro Survivor is a mobile game similar to Grounded, now available in the US and Canada on Google Play

Explore the miniature world while being on the bottom of the food chain!

Micro Survivor, an interesting survival game developed by Altenburg Rachel is now made available in selected regions namely US and Canada. The game looks very similar to the popular console/PC title Grounded and can be considered as an unofficial mobile game as reported by Daily Meta Dose.

Experience the world from the bottom of the food chain

Life is not easy and especially if you are as big as an Ant, every single day there would be another challenge for you as an Ant to experience and face. You will have to work together as Ants do and build a whole base together to survive the laws of nature.

Everything you will see would be now bigger than you, Facing blades of grass the size of skyscrapers, terrifyingly huge spiders and other creatures, and raindrops as big as cannonballs, are just a few of the challenges you will have to face in this new life of yours.

Grounded mobile game, Micro Survivor
Image via Altenburg Rachel

You will work hand in hand with your friends to search for useful resources and materials to survive on your own in this dangerous new environment. Teamwork is literally the dreamwork over here. The more friends you will have around you the further you will survive in the game, just like a colony of Ants. For reference, you can expect somewhat the same features available in the Grounded mobile game.

Since you will be the size of an Ant, A blade of grass, a can, or anything else may become part of your shelter. This gives customization and personalization a whole new meaning in the game, which lets your creative side go crazy, and construct a unique and safe base camp in this miniature world. In addition, you can also collect materials to freely craft home decor and plant mushrooms to cook a feast.

Evade Spiders and survive calamities to dominate your world

Spiders and other bigger creatures are a big threat to your very existence, however, to help defend your turf, you can develop your own Ant army and take the war to these creatures. Remember that lone wolves die young and having a numerical advantage can change the scope and result of any war.

Grounded mobile game, Micro Survivor
Image via Altenburg Rachel

Hence strategize your moves and dominate the miniature world. Interested fans in US and Canada can download the game through Google Play and start their journey into the Miniature World.

What are your thoughts on Micro Survivor being made available in US and Canada? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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