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MiHoYo is disappointed with the increase in Genshin Impact leaks and posted an open note to the community

MiHoYo not happy with the recent events

In the gaming industry, leaks are inevitable as many games must deal with leaks online be it due to breaking NDA, disgruntled employees, or just people datamining the files. Genshin Impact is the latest game to have to deal with their fair share of leaks. The Genshin Impact official Twitter released a message today detailing their disapproval of the leaks regarding the version 1.5 update.

When videogame companies create content, they also have content release schedules made. The announcement of a character such as Hu Tao isn’t a decision made at the moment. Major content drops are decided quite often months or not in some cases years in advance. So, when players leak the information ahead of time entire systems are thrown off balance.  

Genshin Impact leaks and MiHoYo’s disappointment

Unfortunately bringing their disproval of the leaks to the forefront also brings realization to the fans that something was leaked. So, you must now be wondering “well, what was leaked exactly?” miHoYo always has test servers for users to check out the new updates and bug/stress test them. Well, some undisclosed users have taken this as an opportunity to leak screenshots and videos with the community. We have gained info on many key events which will be taking place in the new update such as, two new characters Eula and Yanfei, new mobs, new artifact sets, new materials, Zhongli banner rerun and new story quest, and even a beta housing system, though that last one doesn’t seem like it will be ready for 1.5.

Genshin Impact leaks: Two New Characters

Five Star Eula and 4 Star Yan Fei will both be releasing supposedly in version 1.5 according to the Genshin Impact leaks.


Genshin Impact leaks

Yanfei (previously leaked as Feiyan), is a well-known legal adviser in the Liyue Harbor region. She is known as a brilliant young lady whose veins carry the mixed blood of an illuminated beast. She’s a fire catalyst user who hurls fireballs at her enemies.


Eula is known as the “Spindrift Knight”, she’s a Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance company and a descendant of ancient nobles. Her reason behind joining the Knights while being a member of the aristocracy is a great mystery and may be revealed later in story chapters. Eula is a great sword user who builds stacks while attacking to become a tank on the battlefield.

New Boss Mobs

Two new Boss mobs were revealed with the Genshin Impact leaks. There’s a new Hypostasis (cube-like boss mobs we have), but we don’t really have much information besides scant images.

Genshin Impact leaks

Dragon King (Azhdaha)

A sealed dragon tucked away in Liyue, once a friend of the Geo Archon he rebelled against his rule and was then sealed away with the Primo Vishaps. Now that the seal is weakened the dragon is emerging from his prison, the player must stop him. The Dragon King is a giant dangerous dragon with multiple phases and a lot of damage.

Genshin Impact leaks

Both Yanfei and Eula seem to need to get the ascension mats from these new bosses in order to be upgraded to max level.

Player Housing

Lastly, there was a leak for a new Housing system that players will be able to interact with. Supposedly players will be able to gather materials in order to build structures in their own private space and perhaps they can invite players to this homestead in order to talk and perform other actions?

Genshin Impact leaks

It’s unfortunate for the devs that their release plans for this information didn’t go as planned. You guys can expect a proper article when MiHoyo gives their full press release. Even with just the leaks though, the characters look incredible and many users on Twitter are fast away at creating fan art for their new favorite character.

What do you think about the increasing Genshin Impact Leaks? Does that affect the company’s plans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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