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Miko Era: Twelve Myths is an oriental MMORPG now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS

MMORPG fans assemble!

Miko Era: Twelve Myths is a casual MMORPG, developed by EYOUGAME, that offers the players a vibrant and engaging journey into Akiba City, in which there are many challenges for players to test their mettle. The game offers unique races, challenging dungeons, and large guilds. The end goal for the players is to protect their city against the evil forces or die trying! For now, Miko Era: Twelve Myths has entered pre-registration globally with no specific release date.

Embark on an odyssey of action and love

The game makes you the strongest Miko Envoy and gives you the task of training 12 other potential mighty Mikos, in order to secure the future of your city and fight off the evil spirits endangering your city. The Mikos you are tasked to train and nurture comes with a different set of powers and abilities. It’s your responsibility to understand their potential and use them in such a way that they live up to their potential.

Not only action, but this game also offers the players an opportunity to fall in love with other Mikos and raise a family together. Player customization in Miko Era Twelve Myths is quite extensive as well, players get multiple options to choose how their character should look like.

Miko Era Twelve Myths, Miko Era Twelve Myths trailer

Miko Era: Twelve Myths also let players take on different players in their PVP mode, where players can hone their In-game fighting skills. The game also allows other players to bet on the ongoing PVP fights, hence there is something to gain for every player involved.

Miko Era: Twelve Myths also has a definitive card system, which allows the players to upgrade their characters, their skills, and their weapons. The cards in the game can be collected by defeating monsters and completing quest missions.

Players can pre-register for Miko Era: Twelve Myths on android and iOS

Pre-registration for the game, Miko Era: Twelve Myths is officially live, players can pre-register for the game through Google Play Store and through Apple App Store.

Are you excited about the pre-registration of Miko Era: Twelve Myths? Let us know in the comments below!

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