Minecraft: A cyberattack disrupts the internet in Andorra during the SquidCraft Games event

The Cyberattack was likely meant to target Andorra’s streamers in the Squid Game event

The only ISP of Andorra, a small country in Europe, was overwhelmed with a cyberattack last week during the SquidCraft Games, which was a Minecraft Twitch event with quite a few popular streamers taking part in it that kicked off last week. 

About a dozen Minecraft streamers disqualified due to the cyberattack in Andorra

According to NetBlocks, a network outage tracker, Andorra Telecom was hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack for four consecutive days starting from Friday last week and going on until Monday which crippled the country’s internet service and about a dozen players based out of Andorra were disqualified. E1Rubis, Biyin, TheGregfg, TaeSchnee, VioletaG, Aroyitt, 8cho, TinenQa, and Auron were some of the players who got kicked out of the game. 

Although a small country like Andorra would seem like an unlikely target since the country only has a single ISP, it was easy to seriously affect it and this created unfortunate circumstances for those taking part in the tournament and the rest of the nation too. The competition itself was a Squid Game-themed 6 day-long event open to Spanish-speaking gamers in SquidCraft which brought in 150 contestants and 2 million viewers with a prize of $100,000

The Record reported that the attacks went as high as 100 GBPS of data at times and they were apparently carried out by a DDoS-for-hire service. For those who don’t know, in a DDoS attack, the target’s servers are constantly hit with data packets which cripple them if they aren’t capable of handling a large amount of traffic coming their way. In the past, major organizations like Activision, Google, and others have been hit with these attacks. 

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